Music has always been around for as long as we can remember and it has been essential to so many different situations in our lives. Even Plato already said that "Rhythm and Harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul" and I'm so glad there are many fabulous musicians and composers out there who have made it their calling to create new, beautiful pieces of music that accompany our favorite tv shows, movies and characters. 

Let me just say: classical music will never be not cool. Thanks to the lovely cast and creators of Mozart in The Jungle who've just proved that once more during the 3rd season of their show. I think we all have that one song that will always remind us of a certain situation or a character, a song that sounds familiar but we never know who composed it or where it is from. 

While there are countless songs out there that are indeed beautiful but quite stale by now and make me want to roll my eyes every time someone plays them - yes, I'm talking about the soundtrack of Amélie or Yiruma's River Flows in you (thanks Twilight!) we've created a list of 10 amazing, underestimated pieces that you have to know and will help to get you in the mood to start the new year off just fine.