The Walking Dead is one of the most successful television shows on TV right now, but what started as a unique and fresh story, quickly turned into one of those 'guilty pleasure' type shows. What I mean by this is that it started off great in the first season, it had zombies, which is what the show WAS about. Unfortunately, after a while, it became dull and boring.

Now, I'm not here to trash the show, especially since I haven't watched the last few seasons. You see, I was a little late to The Walking Dead party, but I did finally start watching after the 5th season was added to Netflix. I thought since I love horror and gore The Walking Dead would be the perfect show for me to watch.

I did enjoy the first season, it offered a great story to follow and I liked getting to know the characters. When I started season 2, I found myself getting a little bored with the storylines, but I made it to season 3 and a little bit into the 4th season. After all of this time I finally realized that I didn't enjoy this show anymore. So, with that said, here are 5 main reasons why I lost interest.