Freeform is not just a network about teen dramas and romance. In fact, it's actually changing a little by adding a few more "mature" programs to its network. One of those shows is Shadowhunters. But come January 2nd, a new series just might take over when Beyond premieres. The network has already done a lot of promos to get the word out, and for the very first time Freeform will release all 10 episodes via Digital Platforms, including the Freeform App,, On Demand and Hulu. That's actually a great thing because today everyone loves to binge-watch, and trust me, Beyond is one show you can watch all the way through without getting bored. Yes, it's that good.

If you are not yet aware of Beyond, it is a story that follows Holden Matthews, a young man who wakes up from a 12-year coma to discover he's now part of something he doesn't understand. The series premiere will be broken down in two episodes, making it two hours. In the first half we'll follow the crazy, wild and deep journey of Holden. We'll see him as a kid, before he takes that long sleep. This will give us a little preview of what happened to Holden. However, we will not understand exactly what happened. That's one of the mysteries for the show, but you may get a few ideas. He might of been abducted by aliens, maybe heaven opened up for him, or maybe something else stranger happened to him. We're not sure, but that's one storyline that makes us want to watch.

As the episode goes on, we'll get to see him waking up 12-years later. We'll meet his friends, family and some new, interesting people that he doesn't remember knowing, but they know him. Let's not forget about the bad people that are now chasing him. Why? Because they know what he can do, what kind of power that he holds, but how do they know this? It's going to be a lot of fun finding out.

And that's all in the first half of the episode! Now for the second half of the series premiere, "Tempus Fugit," we'll see Holden trying to forget about all the crazy stuff that is happening to him. He just wants to be normal and to live a normal life! Is that too much to ask? I mean, Holden has already been through enough. What makes it worse is the fact that his morning starts off by waking up and being questioned by the police. That alone should tell you that it's not going to be a great day.

Anther thing that we'll get to see in the second half is more family bonding. This is actually one thing that I love about the story. It's not just one crazy mystery, but it's also about family. Holden's mother and father are of course worried about their son, but they are trying their best to bond with him as an adult. They do their part by trying to make him feel normal, but maybe his brother is the one that Holden feels more comfortable with. Nothing like the love between siblings right? I mean, you can tell each other anything, that's how it's supposed to be. Luke Matthews does his part in that. He is trying to be his brother's best friend, which is a good thing. Lord knows he needs one.

Now that you get a little sense of the story, let's talk about a few other things that makes this show worth watching. First, the cast. Everyone involved in Beyond delivers a great performance in each scene, which helps you get attached to the story better. The second thing is the fact that we'll get to see some pretty cool special effects. We're talking about people being thrown in the air by an unknown power and a melting face. How cool is that, right? And that's just a couple of things we'll see in the special effects department.

So yeah, Beyond is most definitely a must watch, and it very well could be Freeform's next big hit! I'm hoping so. To be honest, I am not much of a fan of Freeform, not downing the network, but most shows on that network really is not my type. However, Freeform is pulling me in with Beyond, and it should pull you in as well. If not, you are truly missing something that's a strong telling story.