*Spoiler alert*

Homeland season 5 left viewers wondering about the fate of fan favorite Peter Quinn. After the sarin gass attack, Quinn's life was hanging by a thin thread. In the final scene of season 5 we saw a sunbeam shining into the hospital room with Carrie sitting at Quinn's bedside. This could have meant two things; Quinn's soul was leaving his body or a glimmer of hope was given for Quinn's survival. Well, it was the last one! Quinn is alive but unrecognizable. Carrie is still by his side and caring for him as a friend. Or has she found a new obsession?

Homeland season 6 starts in New York City and it seems it will stay there. We meet the new female president elect who leaves a somewhat troublesome impression on Saul and Dar Adal. Her son was killed in the Afghan war and she seems to blame the CIA for his death. Not a good way to start a working relationship. 

Carrie is living in New York with Frannie and working for a foundation whose efforts are to provide aid to Muslims living in the United States. Apparently this foundation belongs or is linked to Otto Düring as he arrives at Carrie's office to basically tell her that he's seeing someone else and not waiting for her anymore. Which to me was a bit strange. Doesn't this guy take no for an answer? I never really got the impression that Carrie was into him. 

Between working at the foundation and caring for her daughter, Carrie occupies herself with Quinn's physical and mental health and badgers employees at Quinn's rehabilitation center. Quinn is at a bad place and just wants her to leave him alone.

Then we meet a young student from the projects who seems to have an interest in terrorism. However we don't really know if it's just a somewhat innocent fascination or if he poses a real threat to national security. Nonetheless he's taken into custody and treated as a terrorist suspect. Carrie and her associate are brought in to defend the boy.

The first episode of season 6 is very efficient in showing us where everyone is in their lives.
It gives us 3 story-lines to get invested; Quinn's rehabilitation and mental state, Saul and Dar Adal's conflict with the new president-elect and Carrie's foundation defending the young student suspected of empathy with terrorism.
All 3 story-lines are starting to get intertwined already and all 3 are riveting and tension filled. 

Homeland season 6 episode 1 can already be streamed on Showtime on demand and airs Sunday January 15th on TV.