Once Upon a Time is set to return March 5th, it's been a long three months but the wait is almost over. When we left off, Gideon was revealed to be the hooded figure, Snow and David were still under the curse, Emma and Regina were stuck in the dream world because Regina went doe eyed at the sight of Robin and the Queen had been turned into a snake.

Over the past few months there have been casting news revealing new and familiar faces who will be making an appearance during the rest of the season, possible smaller arcs that will play out, etc. The premiere is picking up right where the show left off in 2016. What else can you look forward to?

  • The story of how Emma got her last name
  • Daddy Charming wanting to be his princess' savior and get Gideon before she returns, it's really cute.
  • Déjà-vu of a certain scene that a young queen had back in season 3 with a certain fairy
  • Alternative Universe Hook. Trust me even if you don't like the character you're going to want to see this, Colin you have my utmost respect. Brilliant. 
  • Familiar faces from times past... Wooden Swan is still such a hot ship. 
  • Feathers, fate, fighting, and fairies.
  • Classic Snow White
  • Nottingham
  • "We make our own fate" and "If we believe in something strongly enough, we have the power to change our fate." 

Something you definitely won't see though, is Rebecca Mader. Zelena is clearly off taking care of her green bean somewhere and Ginny had absolutely no lines because Charming refuses to wake her up until Emma is safe. 

The show returns Sunday, March 5th, at 8:00PM on ABC.