With Abbie actually dying in the season finale last season, many Sleepyheads promised that they were done with the show. For me, although I did feel uneasy about the action, I still wanted to see how Sleepy Hollow would feel in season 4. I haven't been that excited about it like I normally am, but I tried my best to keep an open mind about the story. However, after watching the season 4 premiere, I think I can put all that to rest and say that I am done with the show. It's sad to say actually since I really do consider myself a Sleepyhead, but now everything feels off. Not just the fact that Abbie is gone, but also how the setting isn't set in the town of Sleepy Hollow. Let's also not forget that most of the characters are new to the story. That's not really a bad thing, but with almost everyone being new, it definitely makes things feel a little different.

But with that said, there are a few moments of the season 4 premiere that I did enjoy seeing, mostly pictures and memories of Abbie Mills. It's not much, but it is kind of settling. This moment also holds a little mystery as to who and why Crane was captured in the first place. It might keep some fans watching.

Another thing that I enjoyed was how Jenny made her debut in the new season. It took forever for her to show up, almost half way through the episode, but I can say that the wait is worth it. We all know she kicks ass, and the moment she shows back up on our screen, well, she's doing just that. I think we can all call her Ms. Badass since that is how she likes to be preferred now.

Now, let's talk about more on the setting. As I said above, we are not in Sleepy Hollow anymore, but the town is well known by some. The new group that Crane becomes part of has a Vault. It is very similar to the Archives, but it does have a bit of an upgrade.

Although this is the 4th season of Sleepy Hollow, you don't have to go and watch every episode of the series to understand what's going on. Everything is pretty much explained, and besides, the premiere episode feels like a pilot episode that is heavy on introducing characters and a lot of discussion on where the story is going. This might actually get new people that are behind, or for the ones that have not even watched, to start watching and become a fan. It really is the perfect time to start watching Sleepy Hollow if you haven't already. However, for true Sleepyheads, the story just might be coming to an end.

I will still suggest that everyone should watch the season 4 premiere, which will air January 6, 2017 on FOX. Who knows, you may like it, or you may be like me and decide to put this show to rest.