This Is Us is heartwarming!  You will need tissues, but there is also a lot of humor in it!  There is something in it for everyone!  This Is Us is due to premiere TODAY, Tuesday, September 20th at 10pm EST on NBC.  After that it will move to Tuesdays at 9pm beginning October 11th.

Here will be an advanced review and I made a couple additions to my "Meet the Cast" section.  All the main cast of the show is there with their previous works, but I also included Alan Thicke and Mario Lopez!  These 2 make a surprising guest appearances in the pilot!

If you are unaware of what This Is Us is about, here is the original trailer.  It has been estimated that it has been view over 100 million times over all platforms!  It literally broke records for most viewed in 48 hours on Facebook alone!  It is a lovely show, but probably has something to do with Milo's "assets" being seen.  There is similar nudity in the pilot and more is promised down the line, this was not just a "tease".

Do you share a birthday with some one you know?  I do.  I share my birthday with my sister Jillian, an uncle and 2 friends. According to the clip above, 18 Million people in the world share the same Birthday!  Several characters in the show seem to be sharing their 36th Birthday as new lives are being born at the hospital.  Life is not easy.  Whether you struggle with your weight, your career, your family... Supporting each other with love makes the turbulent times in life much more bearable!

This Is Us, follows the lives of several people.  You are seeing glimpses into their lives of what is happening for them at that moment.  It is not exactly in "Soap Opera" mode, but they show several stories going on in a setting that feels like "real time".  The background music, we hear Sufjan Stevens, "Death With Dignity" when we are first introduced to Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jake (Milo Ventimiglia).  It is Jake's 36th Birthday and he wants his wife to dance for him even though she is very pregnant with triplets and he is loving every minute of it!

Next we are introduced to Kate (Chrissy Metz), who is longingly looking at her 36th birthday cake in the fridge, but several sticky notes tell her not to eat it until her party.  Next we see Randall (Sterling K. Brown) in his corner office in the city looking at charts and graphs on his computer.  His employees come in and start singing happy birthday with 2 cakes that spell out 36.  Next we see Kevin(Justin Hartley)'s apartment is filled with acting posters..."Richard III, The Manny - Mondays: Where Handsome Happens!"  He looks distraught as it's his 36th birthday also today and 2 girls try to cheer him up by wanting to dance for him...

The stories go back and forth between these characters.  Jake, Kate, Randall and Kevin are all 36 on the same day.  Each person is going through different things in their lives.  Jake and Rebecca are expecting triplets.  They experience the highs and lows of going from being a couple to being on the verge of becoming parents, becoming a family and dealing with loss.  Kate is struggling with her weight and aspires to change her circumstances.  Randall was abandoned when he was a baby and has longed to find his birth father William (Ron Cephas Jones).  Randall's wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) is very sweet and tries to help keep him together as he is struggling.  Kevin, though a famous and talented actor, is very unhappy with his life as his tv show is not fulfilling enough for him...

There is something in each story in which you can easily relate to.  The optimism demonstrated by these characters, even while going through despair is uplifting!  The love shown for family and tenderness shown, might make you rethink your own situation.  It is a truly lovely, heartwarming show and I was a total mess when I watched it.  I was crying because of sadness.  I was crying because I felt for some of the situations as they felt that they were hitting close to my home.  And, I was crying for complete joy and happiness as the completion of the show was so utterly beautiful!

Now, I don't want to give you all the impression that all you need is a box of tissues for every scene.  This show had a lot of funny moments too!  Toby (Chris Sullivan) is utterly hilarious!  He meets Kate at a weight loss support group and wants to be her "fat friend".  The comic timing and chemistry between these two are wonderful!  I personally am rooting for them and for Kate in her journey!  I LOVED the scenes between Rebecca and Jake in the beginning of the show!  They are so adorable together!  I guess I am a sucker for shows like this, but I loved it and think you will too!

Here is the This is Us - First Look and you will see some behind the scenes with the actors as they talk about their roles and what it was like for them to sign on to such an Outstanding show!


Just wanted to take a moment here to say congrats to Sterling K. Brown for winning his Emmy!!!