Creator and star of the show Phoebe Waller-Bridge has not been relaxing since her show Fleabag hit the streaming services and became a surprise hit for Amazon. She has several projects lined up of which one involves a role in the upcoming Han Solo spinoff movie. However this doesn't mean her Fleabag days are over!

Season 1 of Fleabag ended without leaving any major story lines unwrapped so a 2nd season would be very much welcomed but not entirely necessary regarding the story it has told.

But rejoice fans, another season is on the horizon. In recent interviews, Waller-Bridge has confessed to working on getting everyone from the original team, actors and crew, back to start production on another season of Fleabag

Waller-Bridge told the Radio Times in a recent interview: “We cracked it open so that she would be able to have a life beyond it and also there are so many more stories and story strands and character strands come out of this series. I only wanted to bring the show back if I had an idea that was good enough. I think I have one. We are all trying to make it work and have the same team back.”

When all goes as planned we can expect new episodes of Fleabag as early as beginning of 2018!

You can still stream season 1 of Fleabag on Amazon Prime: Fleabag Season 1 - Amazon