Over the summer, Freeform premiered Guilt, a story about the murder of Molly Ryan. Many were guilty in different ways, but only one was truly guilty of her murder. Although we found our suspect in the season finale, fans of the series were left with a few unanswered questions. One of those questions, who shot Prince Theo? Unfortunately, we may never know since Freeform will not continue the story for a second season. The announcement came late Thursday evening.

If you look at the ratings, which is life for a TV show, you probably wouldn't be surprise by this choice. The series opened with 486,000 viewers before dropping to around 300,000 for most of its 10-episode freshman season. Things did pick back up when the season finale came around, rising to its largest Live+same day audience since the debut, 396,000. Unfortunately, that alone is not enough for the show to be saved.