Black Sails has set sail again, but their ultimate outcome is uncertain. Tall tales and legends have a hard time being quelled, but will it be enough? If you are not caught up to 4x07, tread gingerly if you don't want spoilers. Make sure that you don't miss out on the action of Black Sails which airs tonight on Starz at 9pm EST. It is also on the Starz app and On Demand.

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Black Sails 4x08 "XXXVI." From Starz - "A rescue plan threatens to divide Flint (Toby Stephens) and Silver (Luke Arnold). Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy) learns the true price of freedom. Rackham (Toby Schmitz) seeks his prey. The Walrus enters uncharted territory."

Black Sails 4x08 Advanced Review:

There's a lot of talking and sailing going on in this episode. Flint and Silver go on a rescue mission to save Madi (Zethu Dlomo) from Rogers (Luke Roberts). The Governor thought he was doing the right thing by getting the Spanish involved to take back his island of Nassau. By doing so, he caused a chain reaction that resulted in the untimely death of his wife Eleanor (Hannah New) and their unborn child. Still reeling from this event, Billy Bones (Tom Hopper) sees an opportunity. He offers Rogers a chance at breaking up the powerful duo of Flint and Silver by offering Madi as bait.

Rogers sees value in this plan as it can solve several things for him. The first is revenge against the pirates as he puts the ultimate blame on them for how things transpired. Also, the money from the treasure chest would pay off his debts and set him up with no more road blocks. In his mind, he can possibly truly kill two birds with one stone. Madi doesn't want to be the instrument of his device. She would rather go out like Eleanor...fighting!

Rackham and Max make a deal with Eleanor's Grandmother, Marion Guthrie (Dame Harriet Walter). The ultimate plan is to oust Rogers by buying out his debts. To set up shop in Nassau again, being backed by Guthrie, Max hopes to be in charge once all is accomplished. Max is to stay behind and work out the deal with her and gain her trust. Rackham and his crew are tasked to find Flint and kill him. Anne Bonny (Clara Paget) was left behind to heal from her previous injuries. Perhaps she is to be a bit of collateral or motivation to get his job accomplished and return to her. Max desperately wants to make amends to Anne for betraying her. Anne isn’t ready to put the past behind her in this clip from tonight's episode of Black Sails.

Everything Max has fought so much for, everything she has sacrificed to get to this point is well within her reach. However, the price of such freedom and power might be too great for her to accept. In the end, Max is offered more than she bargained for, but she is uncertain that it is the path she wants to go on.

As I said in my previous post, I truly like the character of Israel Hands, played by David Wilmot. He sees things as they are and knows what is to come even before Long John Silver does. He tries to advise him, but Silver does not hear the truth as he is blinded by loyalty. This puts Hands in a tough position, but in the end, he says to Silver, "Do you now see?"