Warning: Contains Spoilers About This Week's Episode!

On the latest episode of Colony, which aired on February 4th on USA, the story started to focus on another character that only lead to broken hearts in the end. For three episodes the story has been focusing on Will and Katie, the married couple who ends up on different sides of the Government. With their different stories, viewers are able to understand what it's like to be a Collaborator and a Resistense. But on the 4th episode of Colony, instead of getting more of that story, we got a chance to understand another important character, Will's boss Phyllis (Kathy Baker). She has worked in the Military and the Intelligence Community for many years. Now she works for Homeland Security, but that doesn't mean that she is totally against the Resistense. She understands them, and maybe that's why she sees Katie as the perfect person to become her new valuable asset. Phyllis knows all about Katie and her involvement with the Resistense, even her part in the raid from the previous episode. Katie can deny it all she wants, but Phyllis has proof thanks to her drone friends that caught Katie in the act. But like I said, Phyllis does not turn Katie in, nor does she tell Will about his wife's dirty little secret. Instead she forces Katie to work for her.

Unfortunately, we may never know what Phyllis actually had plans for Katie. As she returned to her home in the Green Zone, where the privileged and influential live and work, she was gunned down by Broussard, who was waiting in the dark in his Red Hat uniform. Before Phyllis met her fate, she had one last wish... for Broussard to kill her bedridden husband as well. This death isn't just shocking, but it's also sad to see. We may not have known much about Phyllis, but this episode did a fine job to explore her character in many ways for us to start caring for her, which was just a nice set up to break the hearts of viewers.

With the way this episode turned out, it looks like Will starts to question Katie's loyalties next week. In the promo below, you can hear him say, "I think you're the reason Phyllis is dead,"Uh-oh, can Katie get out of this one? Find out on an all-new Colony, airing Thursday February 11th on USA.