If you missed the season finale of Colony, you missed one hour of good TV. We finally know what these hosts looks like, at least some of them. There very well could be different kinds, but as of now we know what one looks like anyway. The bad news, we don't know anything about it. As we saw in last week's episode, Katie and her group captured one. This week the group tried to exam on it, but ran out of time. As the occupation looked for the missing VIP, the whole city went in lock down with parts of the city being destroyed. The best part about the season finale was that we got proof that Charlie is alive. We saw him for the first time as the episode opened up. Now we really do have hope for Will to find his and Katie's missing son.

If you missed the episode, or need a little refresh on the events that went down, you can find the highlighted moments listed below...


  • Bram and his teacher gets caught by the Occupation as they entered the underground tunnel that leads outside the colony.

  • Will is leaving the block in order to find his son.

  • It looks like Katie has finally been   exposed by the Occupation and is known to be a Resistance fighter.

  • Snyder is out of a job.


So now that season one is over, what will season two bring? In a recent interview with IGN, Showrunners Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal took time out of their writing to answer that same question. You can find what to expect in the new season below...

"We tend to really keep the focus on the personal story, but that said, there's going to be lots of action in the second season. There are spaceships and some science fiction technology in there, and there's some interesting reveals. You're going to learn a lot more about the state of the world and why these aliens are here and what's going on, but it's all going to be against the backdrop of a very personal story."

  • "The question for Season 2 is can the Bowmans put their relationship and their family back together and what will that look like."

  • "We want each season to standalone as its own story. Will is leaving the block, he's going into find Charlie. Katie has, in theory, been exposed by the Occupation and is known to be a Resistance fighter. Snyder is out of a job. We've scattered our characters and they all have points of views into different corners of the world, and we want to use that to explore out the larger world of Colony."

  • "Just as ISIS was a result of the failure and continued persecution of al-Qaeda by Western democracy, you're going to see a much scarier form of fanatical resistance in Los Angeles. It's a new story about the extremes of things, and the Los Angeles that Snyder created for everybody was sort of the best version of this kind of occupation."

To read the full interview, head over to IGN now to see what else the showrunners talked about. But don't do that until you read what we would like to see happen in season two. The real problem that I had with Colony this season was how it centered around Katie and Will a little too much. I know, I know, this is what the season is about, but it was a little played out and took away other storylines to tell. So moving on I would hope they find a way to play out all the characters in a decent amount of time. I was fascinated with Bram's story, but it was kept on the back burner for the season finale. There is other stories that we do care about other than the Will and Katie story. We need to see those stories having more screen time and not just one or two scenes per episode.

Really that's the only downside this season had. It got boring as the same story kept being played, but it did get a lot better towards the end. And with the way the season finale ended the first season, it looks like there is a lot more story to these characters. Again, let's just hope they all have decent amount of screen time so the viewers can enjoy them.