The second season of Colony will premiere January 12th on USA, and if you have not yet watched the show, you can watch this episode due to the fact that it will show us life before the arrival of the Hosts. This is actually a really good thing, however, I kind of wish we got this episode as a series premiere, but at least we get it now. It will allow fans to understand what our known characters were like before the arrival, even Snyder. He really had no choice, I mean he did, but if he did refuse to work with the occupation, well, chances are there will be no Snyder. These Hosts are very powerful, and it's best to work with them rather than not to.

What I really love about this episode is how we get a lot more sci-fi. That should be obvious since we will soon see how the arrival took place and exactly how that wall came down. Nobody built it. This is actually one thing that I was always curious about last season. I wanted to know how the wall came down, or what built it. I am happy to say that the season premiere answered my question. Not just answering my question with words, but actually showing me how it all took place.

That being said, the premiere episode pretty much opened up like the pilot episode did; with the Bowman family gathered around a kitchen table for breakfast. This time though, we have Charlie. Everything seems to be perfect, but we all know what's coming. I think the best way to describe everything is by using a quote from Emerald City, the new series that premiered on NBC... "Nothing good ever comes from the sky."

Anyway, we do get a chance to meet a new character, a character that we will probably see a lot more of as the season rolls on. Her name is Devon, played by Carolyn Michelle Smith. Before the arrival, she was on the same case as Will, trying to find out what happened to all the missing VIP's that went missing in the local area. I like to call her the smart one. The reason why I call her this is because as more VIP's went missing, her survival instinct kicked in and she ran off before the wall came down.

Now, just in case you are hoping to find out what follows the events of the season finale, well, you will have to wait until the season 2 premiere closes. After everything is explained, we are back in the present day and the current story starts to follow. However, we'll have to wait until episode 2 to get more details on what's going on now. As of now, Bram is locked up, hoping his mother or father can help him get out. She can't, and his father of course is in Santa Monica looking for Charlie.

This episode was one that we all needed to see. Not only does it help to understand how everything happened, but it also helps us understand some characters that were not that likeable during the first season. I think season 2 if off to a strong start, and if fans continue to follow Colony, like I think they will, we will be sure to get a 3rd season.

You can catch the season 2 premiere of Colony on January 12th on USA. In the meantime, you can check out the first 10 minutes in the video below.