This is the first of the two part episode that will usher the Tenth Doctor out and bring in the new Eleventh Doctor. David Tennant stars as the Doctor for most of both episodes, making fans wait until later in 2010 to see what we would think of Matt Smith in his place. Tennant returned for the fiftieth anniversary episode but there were some final appearances, some in name only, in these two episodes. John Simm made his last appearance as the Master in this two parter and we do have an amazing replacement now. Russell T. Davies also left as the show’s head with Steven Moffat taking over. Unfortunately, this contained the last Doctor Who episode that Sarah Jane Smith would appear in as well. The actress who played her, Elisabeth Sladen, passed away in 2011. This was a sad set of specials for many reasons. The first part aired on Christmas and that is the part I am covering here.

The End of Time Part One

It all starts with nightmares…ones that only one man can remember. The nightmares are of the world’s end, the end of time altogether.

The Doctor has avoided his fate as long as he can. He has to answer the Ood Sigma’s (Paul Kasey) call to save the Earth once more. The reason the Ood Sigma has called for the Doctor is because the Master is back. They thought him destroyed after his wife Lucy (Alexandra Moen) shot him and the Doctor burned his body in “The Last of the Time Lords”. They missed something and he was brought back.

Lucy is being kept in prison for killing him. He had been Prime Minister when he died. There is a cult of his followers at the prison. One of them finds the one thing left of him and brings it along with his wife and his followers to a room in the prison. They are able to bring him back but are unable to complete the resurrection due to the prison blowing up. The Master is the only survivor and he is left with supernatural powers but he also needs to consume food for energy constantly, that food includes people.

The Doctor arrives on Earth a day late as the Master has already been brought back. While the Doctor chases him to his signature four beat sound, Wilfred “Wilf” Mott (Bernard Cribbins) and a few of his friends are out to find the Doctor. The Master gets away for now but Wilf finds the Doctor. They sit in a diner and have a chat. Part of it includes the prophecy about the Doctor’s death. You can tell he is afraid that his end is near and he knows it should be. He has grown too dangerous. He is really not ready to become a whole different person, though. They talk about Donna (Catherine Tate) and if maybe just saying hello would help but it is too dangerous for her.

The Doctor does find the Master again and he realizes that the four point beat is not a part of his insanity. It is something else heading towards them. Before he can do anything else the Master is sedated and taken to a billionaire’s home. During this time Wilf is trying to watch the Queen’s speech but a woman (Claire Bloom) appears on the screen, one that only he can see. She urges him to help the Doctor and so he goes. He doesn’t have far as the Doctor throws a stone at his window. Wilf shows him a book that Donna bought him to read. He didn’t understand at the time as it was not one he would normally read but they realize this is the part of her brain the Doctor has blocked trying to get a message through. Despite the block the Doctor put in her mind, it is still working.

The author’s name is Joshua Naismith (David Harewood). He and his daughter, Abigail (Tracy Ifeachor), came into possession of something from Torchwood after it fell. The panels are in need of repair and they are hoping the Master can fix them. The Doctor and Wilf travel there in the TARDIS. The Doctor puts it just out of time so the Master cannot get to it. The Master can get to the one thing that will make it possible to take over the world, however.

As predicted the Master escapes his captors. Before the Doctor and Wilf can make it to him, he does just that…literally. What makes it worse is that what he does makes Donna start having flashes of what she and the Doctor did. If she fully gets her Doctor side back into her memory, she will die. Oh, and don’t forget the other thing that I said was headed towards Earth. I am not going to spoil it all.

There will be a part two of this article but this is the one that took place on Christmas. The other part took place on New Year’s Day. My fellow writer and Doctor Who fan DeeDee will be writing it. Just be prepared, the saddest five words come at the end of part two.