The second annual Christmas episode of Doctor Who, “The Runaway Bride”, takes place after the Doctor suffers a major loss at the end of season 2. He has very little time to mourn because he is about to have a firecracker enter his life in the form of an angry bride (Catherine Tate). The bride ends up as his Companion for this episode. Just a word of warning, there may be spoilers ahead.

The Runaway Bride

This Christmas special takes place after the Doctor has lost Rose, his first Companion as the Tenth Doctor. He is clearly in mourning and wants nothing more than to be alone, but that is not to be. Suddenly, a woman in a wedding dress who is holding a bouquet, is pulled from nowhere into his TARDIS. She is steaming mad about it too.

We see this bride, a red head with the legendary temper of one, walking down the aisle at her wedding. Suddenly she seems to be "transported" somewhere else and disappears from the church. She has been waiting for the perfect, good looking man for years and she is not happy to have her Christmas Eve wedding messed up.

Both the Doctor and the bride, who we learn is named Donna Noble, are shocked by where she is. The Doctor is shocked because he is in the middle of space and did not give her access to the TARDIS. She is shocked because she tries to leave and finds that she is in space. They might not know how she got there, but they are both of the same mind that she needs to go back to her wedding.

The Doctor lands at a slight distance from the church where the ceremony is taking place on Earth, and while he tries to get them to the right place, the evil “Santa's” from the last Christmas episode show up. They immediately try to attack him. From there we get to see the TARDIS chase a taxi through the streets of London, and there are also some killer Christmas trees involved. A word of warning for those with arachnophobia; don't watch this unless a human face on a giant spider makes spiders more tolerable.

The Doctor and the bride ends up having to save Earth, of course. We also see the Doctor start to go too far. It is Donna who has to stop him in his anger, and you can see he is scared of himself for the first time.

Donna is the first person to realize that the Doctor should not travel on his own anymore. It is also the start of the end for the Tenth Doctor. He will eventually go too far, which will cost him. This episode will be important to both this Companion and the Tenth Doctor later on. It might be called a standalone episode, but it truly is integral to this Doctor's story.

Here's a piece of trivia for you. Did you know that Catherine Tate was only supposed to appear in this episode of Doctor Who? This was the first of many one-off Companions for the show despite her later return. She did become the Tenth Doctor's third Companion, reprising her role as Donna Noble.

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