It is time to get the tissues out again. It is another Christmas with another regeneration. This time it is a slightly familiar face we see when the change is complete. It does not matter, though, the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) will be gone and we will get little of the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) before we see him in action. No more introduction is needed for this episode.

"The Time of the Doctor"

A call is sent out from a planet. It is three toned and no one understands it. Many of the ships who have heard it have gathered around a planet covered by clouds. One of those gathered is the TARDIS with the Doctor in it. He is in a type of disguise as he wants to go to one of the other ships to see what they know. He has the head of a cyberman, which he has named Handles, helping him. He ends up in two different enemy ships and getting a call from his Companion (Jenna Coleman) to help her on Earth by pretending to be her boyfriend. He misses the boyfriend part as he gets distracted and then shot at, but agrees to meet her. 

The Doctor lands in front of Clara’s place just in time as Clara has burnt the turkey. The way he greets her is very… revealing and the weirdest way yet. That is right, he has no clothes on. He says it is because he is going to church. He uses a hologram of clothes, but does not realize she has guests, so it is not tuned to work for them. She quickly makes excuses for him.

The two take the turkey to the TARDIS to fix and take off to the Papal Mainframe after they receive an invite. This time it is Clara with the holographic clothes because not wearing them to this church is a sign of respect. The Mother Superious Tasha Lem wishes to meet with the Doctor. She wants to send them to investigate below but she makes one demand of them; no using the TARDIS.

She takes the key the Doctor easily gives up. She accidentally lands them in a field of Weeping Angels. It is a good thing the Doctor has more than one TARDIS key because they use it to get away. They quickly dress for winter and head back to the planet.

The two of them end up in a town named Christmas and come across a couple out for the day. The Doctor and Clara start spurting out things they normally wouldn’t. They wonder why and are told there is a truth field, especially near the clock tower, which is what they are walking near. They go to investigate the clock tower. What they find does not surprise the Doctor; he has been waiting for it. Terrified and yet resigned, the Doctor sends Clara back to the TARDIS with something that will put it on autopilot back to Earth.

Handles had translated the message. It should be an impossible language for anyone to use. The question it wants answered and the reason for it is even scarier. When he sent Clara to Earth he meant for her to stay there. There was a trap set for him along with the message.

Tasha cannot allow the Doctor to say a word while on Christmas but he is the only one there to defend it. He spends three hundred years alone, repairing toys for the Children. He starts to forget about his life when Clara is able to find her way back.

He spends even more than that protecting Christmas after sending her back to the Earth another time. She now knows that the War Doctor and the Tenth Doctor’s “vanity” issues have made it impossible to regenerate anymore. Once he is dying he will die this time. Of course, Clara wants to get back to him.

So, how does Clara get back? How does the Doctor go on from life number thirteen? That amount of time was set a long time ago and no one from Gallifrey is around to give him another life cycle. One thing is for sure, the Doctor is in this battle for longer than planned. What is found in the beginning in a little town called Christmas affects everything, including the Doctor, for a long time to come.

It also leaves us saying good-bye to one Doctor and hello to another. It is just as sad as it was the first time.

Next Up: "Last Christmas"