Doctor Who fans received an early Christmas present: the newest trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special has been released. This year’s episode is titled “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”. There is just over two weeks until the Doctor lands back on Earth and comes out of his TARDIS with an “I’m back!” It is about time too.

After you see him land, you see three people ask him “Who are you?” It appears he replies to them, “I’m the Doctor.”  The first two people who asks are a woman named Lucy Fletcher (Charity Wakefield) and Nardole (Matt Lucas). Lucas was also in last year’s Christmas special, “The Husbands of River Song”.

The third one is a man everyone calls the Ghost (Justin Chatwin), who is hovering outside the window. When the Doctor asks who the Ghost is, he gets told he is a “masked vigilante…. but he’s super”. 

From there we see a man talking about opening minds and a group of look-a-like, medical doctor types come out several doors. The medical doctors appear fully dressed to preform surgery. The doors appear to have shelves in front of them. The shelves contain jars with what look like brains in them. Lucy asks if they are brains and the Doctor says they are “alien life forms”.  

The rest gets us more ready than we already are for the annual Christmas episode. It is nice to see the Doctor smile like we get to on the video. He is having a lot of fun it looks like; he is at his best when he is having fun.

So, get ready for the Doctor and the Ghost. It looks to be a “super” Christmas episode. Check out the new trailer below.


The annual Doctor Who Christmas episode,"The Return of Doctor Mysterio", premieres on BBC America on December 25th at 9/8c.