Have you been missing Doctor Who? If so, you are not alone, but I have some solutions for you. Whether you are in the United States or across the pond, there are exciting things happening now and in the near future for fans of the Doctor. Some of these you may not even know about. So read on and see what appeals to you.Power of the Daleks1. Power of the Daleks is an animated version of an episode which started a six part episode on November 5th, 1966 and starred the late Patrick Troughton as the second Doctor. This was the very first episode of Doctor Who after a Doctor had regenerated. It was and is a very historical episode. Unfortunately for all of us, the BBC decided to erase many shows from film in the 1970's to reuse it. Despite what would become an important piece of TV history, this occurred with Power of the Daleks. This serial has not been seen since it first aired, and it was thought completely lost. The good news is that the audio still exists. The film unfortunately for us, did not fair as well. Only a few clips and pictures were left. Somehow, director Charles Norton, along with Martin Geraghty and Adrian Salmon, both of who are comic book artists, were able to recreate it with animation. We get to see the second Doctor’s first episode after his very first regeneration. We also get to hear the real actors from the episode.

Power of the Daleks has been available for download since November 5th in the United Kingdom. It has also been available in some theaters in the United States since earlier this week. If you were not lucky enough to be in the UK to download it or near one of the select theaters, your wait is almost over; the show will be available on BBC America on the evening of November 19th at 8:25/7:25C.The Crown2. The most expensive series to have ever been made for Netflix is The Crown. There are ten episodes in the first season, and the show has already been set to last for a total of only six seasons. What did the first season cost to make? A full £100 million. The Crown stars Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II and none other than the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, as Price Phillip. It is available on Netflix now.Dirk nd Todd3. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is currently on BBC America. I know what you are thinking, what does that have to do with Doctor Who? If you saw my previous article about Dirk Gently, then you know that everything is connected. One connection includes Doctor Who, but this time in real life. The story behind it is very complicated but full of “wibbly wobbly, timey wimey… stuff.”

In 1979, the author of "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy", Douglas Adams, was tapped to write an episode for Doctor Who. The episode was written for the fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker. It was called Shada and was a six part serial that were half an hour each. In it, the Doctor and his current Companion, Romana (Lalla Ward), found a professor at Cambridge who had lived for centuries. His name was Professor Chronotis (Denis Carey) and he was a Time Lord with a TARDIS older than the Doctor's.

Unfortunately, it was scrapped, despite having some scenes that had already been shot. There was a dispute between studio techs and the BBC at the wrong time. Adams loved the character so he ran with it. He created a book series based on Chronotis called "Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency." Of course, Dirk Gently himself was the one based on the Time Lord who never was.

Paul McGann, the eighth Doctor, later starred in an animated version of this serial. If you get the right DVD edition, you can also see some of the footage taped for the episode with Tom Baker.Class4. On October 22nd, BBC Three Online started running the new Doctor Who spin-off Class. The spin-off at first sounded like it would be something for all ages. It was not until closer to the release of the first season that it was reported the show would not be for children. The show was said to be more in the age range of the the previous spin-off, Torchwood.

The show takes place at the “historical” Coal Hill Academy, previously known as Coal Hill School. The very first episode of Doctor Who in 1963, called An Unearthly Child, started there. Due to the amount of activity, the Doctor has created there the walls of time and space have thinned. Now monsters are coming through and since the Doctor can’t always be around, some of the students and teachers are dealing with them.

Unfortunately, for those of us in the United States, it will not be released until Spring 2017 along with season 10 of Doctor Who.The Return of Doctor Mysterio5. Christmas is just round the corner, and with it comes the annual Doctor Who Christmas special. This year it is titled The Return of Doctor Mysterio. The name is based on the translation of the Spanish title of Doctor Who.

This year, the twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) will be joined by a familiar face. The episode will include the character Nardole (Matt Lucas) from last year’s Doctor Who Christmas episode titled The Husbands of River Song. The two will be chasing Mysterio. Even the Doctor can’t get away from the superhero trend.Doctor Who Season 106. Last but not least, we have the 10th season of Doctor Who starting in April of 2017. This season will be the last season of the show’s head, Steven Moffat. A new Companion, named Bill (Pearl Mackie), will be welcomed as well. Anyone involved with Doctor Who is always tight lipped, so very little is known about the season. Nardole will be a Companion along with Bill and Missy (Michelle Gomez) will be back.

What are you most excited about?