There are times I get a little worried about the status of Doctor Who. I am an avid fan, as most of my readers know, so I watch the ups and downs of the ratings. I was worried that the absence of Doctor Who during the whole of 2016 would cause people to forget about the show, but I should know better. Whovians, what the fans of the show are called, have proven just how loyal they are.

BBC America’s highest ratings for any episode, for any show of 2016, was gained just a week shy of the New Year. Doctor Who’s Christmas episode, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio", broke ratings records.

When it comes to TV ratings, there are “key demographics” they look at for a show. For a show like Doctor Who and many others, the targeted ages are 18-24 and 25-49. 900,000 people watched the Christmas special. There were 1.7 million people of all ages, over the three day period that is taken into account, for ratings numbers. They do this to account for online and DVR viewing.

Doctor Who’s Christmas episode this year was also the most talked about show on Twitter and Facebook on Christmas day.

It seems I am not the only one who has been missing the Doctor. It looks like Peter Capaldi’s Doctor has become more playful and scatter brained since last season, too. Matt Lucas, as Nardole and a new Companion, is a great addition. I hope that Pearl Mackie as the other new Companion, Bill, fits in with the two of them.

What did you think about the Christmas episode, “The Return of Doctor Mysterio?”