Dancing With The Stars this week's theme was "Most Memorable Year".  The show had Andre Rieu and a 60-piece orchestra!  I will also have a chance for you to rate the Dances and vote for which team you think did the best.  The next DWTS will be on next Monday night, Oct. 17th at 8pm EST on ABC and there will be an elimination.  Every vote counts!

Speaking of voting...As we all know, we are in a presidential voting year.  In less than a month it will be time to vote for the President of the United States and it is shaping up to be quite a debate!  DWTS isn't going to let SNL have all the fun and they did their take on the upcoming election with a little dance between the candidates.  Not sure who the presidential professional dancers are under the Halloween masks, but they do a great job!  Now if only debates could be like this!  How much more fun if we could vote on ballroom dancing skills?  I'm sure that "Trump" would say he won that dance debate as "Hilary" seemed to loose her footing at the end...


This Monday's show's theme was 'The Stars' Most Memorable Years".  We are now down to 9 teams as we had a double elimination last week of Vanilla Ice and Babyface.  The Top 9 teams chose a year that was meant something special to them and tailored their dance around that memory.  The opening number was absolutely beautiful!  It featured "My Heart Will Go On" by Andre Rieu and a 60-piece orchestra!  The dance started out with newly engaged pro. couple Sasha Farber and Emma Slater.


It will be hard to choose from these 9 teams!  They each have different reasons, both happy and sad moments in their lives.  Loss of family to being triumphant in the Olympics to giving birth to their children, either way, the choices they made are both heartfelt and beautiful to watch!  Who did you think danced the best?