Throughout the past six years, we've seen Emma Swan, played by Jennifer Morrison, start off as a reluctant hero and eventually grow into a full-blown superhero in ABC's fairy tale drama Once Upon A Time. This season we expect that it will be no different for our Princess of Hope, having embraced who she really is.

When we came to know Emma, she was this sad, lonely, and lost girl without hope of ever finding her family. Because of her experience, she built walls around her. She never let anyone else in that wall of hers, not even Henry, not when she broke the First Curse, and not with Hook at first. She never thought that anyone loved her because she was so alone. Yes, she did love Neal (or else no Henry) but it's not enough for her to believe that she, too, can truly love or can have true love, a happy ending. Only in the third season finale did she finally realize that she does have a family that loves her and had done everything they could to protect her.

Jennifer Morrison portrays Emma perfectly. You can see the internal anguish that Emma feels whilst seemingly happy on the outside. You can hear the thoughts that goes on through Emma's mind as if JMo IS really the character and not just an actor playing this character. You can even differentiate Emma the Savior and warrior to Emma the Princess. They couldn't have made a better casting choice.

In the most recent episode (6x07 "Heartless"), there is this sweet Captain Swan scene between Jen and Colin O'Donoghue, who plays Emma's true love, Captain Hook or Killian Jones. You can see in her reaction - this child who is scared because she is facing her parents' demise. When you see how Emma realizes that everything always ends up okay, you can see the light shining through Jen's face, too. She has a certain vulnerability; a certain innocence in her that shows us that she may be this grand princess but she's also just a human being. She makes Emma believable so much so you forget that she's an original character in this new twist on fairy tales.

This season may not be entirely an Emma season but you can still feel her presence. She's still the Savior, the one who will make a sacrifice for the family she lost and found. She will fight with all her might to save that family who taught her how to love, who taught her that there is magic wherever you go. She's a fighter but she's not invincible. She's the Savior but susceptible to human emotions. These are just a few of the plethora of adjectives why I love Emma Swan.

Along with Jen's numerous ways of how to braid her hair.