Amber Midthunder is kicking butt as the awesome character Kerry Loudermilk on the FX hit show Legion! Amber is a spunky and talented young lady! She has a real passion for acting, animals and the environment! She was very kind to have an exclusive interview with me for Voice of TV and told me that Legion: Chapter 4 will be really exciting! I can't wait to see it! Legion 1x04 airs TONIGHT on FX on March 1st at 10pm EST. The show gets repeated a few times on FX and can later be downloaded on the FX app, Amazon, Hulu and OnDemand.  If you are not caught up, tread gingerly as there might be some spoilers...

ALWheaties: Your new show Legion is very cool and you are playing a pretty awesome character! I read that season 1 of Legion has 8 episodes so far. Are you in every episode?

Amber: That is a mystery.

ALWheaties: What was your favorite episode of Legion that you filmed?

Amber: All are so different. All are so fun. It's so very fun to be in the show! I am really excited for chapter 4 for me. Chapters 4-8 are very exciting! I really like that it is broken down by chapters. It's smart because it's a telling of a story, a really good story.

ALWheaties: I really like your character Kerry Loudermilk! How tall are you? For a tiny girl, she took out at least 6 baddies after the pool scene from the pilot!

Amber: Yup! Sure did. I am 5'6".

ALWheaties: Have you had training before the show with either karate or boxing?

Amber: No karate. As a kid, I have taken Jiu Jitsu before. I love kickboxing! I got into some serious kickboxing a few months before I started the show. It has helped me to feel confident for this role.


In this Inside Legion clip above with show runner Noah Hawley, they feature Amber Midthunder and other cast members: Jeremie Harris, Jean Smart and Aubrey Plaza.  It also features clips of Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Bill Irwin and Katie Aselton.

ALWheaties: Did you like the Marvel comics or X-Men movies before taking this role?  Is your character also a mutant? What is your favorite part of being on the show?

Amber: I saw all the movies. I am familiar with the X-men characters. Usually being called a super hero is very cool, but a mutant is considered to be an outsider. They are both psychologically different. The idea of being an outsider was exciting to me. It is yet to be discovered how it will work itself out.

ALWheaties: Do you already know if your character is a name we would recognize from the comics?

Amber:  Noah wrote the story and he is open to making his own characters diverse from the comics. This helps to add substance to the story.

ALWheaties: What is the timeline of the show Legion? It seems very current, but from another time. The sets and costumes are all very cool!

Amber: That's ambiguous, even to me. I think the costumes are like 'Retro Futuristic Style'. Noah knows everything, but is not telling anyone anything. I think it's on purpose, so we can all experience it as it happens. The narrator (as David Haller) is distinctly unreliable. Our time and the world of Legion seem closely tied, but also different.

In this Inside Legion clip with Costume Designer Carol Case, they feature Amber Midthunder and other cast members: Show runner Noah Hawley and Aubrey Plaza. It also features clips of Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Jeremie Harris and Bill Irwin.

ALWheaties: On Legion, the love story between David and Syd is adorable. Is there any chance that Kerry might have a love interest?

Amber: Regarding my character Kerry, she has an interesting relationship with another character.  And, she has an interesting relationship with another character that includes love.

ALWheaties: Bill Irwin plays Cary Loudermilk and you play Kerry Loudermilk. How are these two characters related? The names seem too similar to be a coincidence...

Amber: I am not yet able to reveal this. I can say that there are 2 Kerry Loudermilks and it is no coincidence!

ALWheaties: (side note): This interview was conducted before the airing of Chapter 3.  In Legion Chapter 3 (1x03): We learn that Kerry and Cary Loudermilk may be more interconnected than we once thought! The FX website describes the two:"Cary Loudermilk is Kerry’s counterweight – a scalpel to her hammer."

ALWheaties:  What else can you tease us about your character Kerry Loudermilk?

Amber: Just that chapter 4 is going to be really exciting!

ALWheaties: I first saw you as Lilly Stillwater in the pilot of Longmire. How was it filming on that series?

Amber: Wonderful! Those people are like family to me. The whole team, everyone is actually a family. My Dad had a bigger part on the show than me.

ALWheaties: On Longmire 3x03, you won the title of 'Miss Cheyenne'. Are you Lakota?  Have you taken part in the Lakota traditions?

Amber: Yes. I am Lakota. I have taken part as a 'Fancy Shawl Dancer' in pow wows.  Like what I did on Longmire, but I'm not really good at it.

ALWheaties:  How was it being in Hell Or High Water?

Amber: It has changed my life. There aren't even words to describe it. They are so devoted to the craft and I learned so much! 

ALWheaties: I see that you're in a faith based movie called Priceless. How was filming that movie?

Amber: It was fun shooting this film. They are incredible people. I have never seen such a great team as the Priceless team. They are brothers and they have a beautiful brother relationship. About 18 members of their family all took part in the filming.  They are a very welcoming group.

ALWheaties: I see from the above trailer that your co-stars Joel Smallbone (and his brother Luke) sing the main song "Priceless" also featuring Bianca Santos.

Amber: Yes. They are from the music group "For King & Country". They started a Priceless Movement. They use their voices to say something, to help promote the cause. They are encouraging men to treat women with chivalry. They are to uphold women as something greater. They are encouraging women to hold to a higher standard and not put it all out there on social media. To not put yourself down and to know you are worth more than that.

The movie Priceless is about human trafficking and it is an epidemic. It is a really good movie and we hope to shed some light on it and support the cause.

ALWheaties: I see that you are an actress, director and writer. Which is your favorite and what would you like to do down the road?

Amber: Without a single shadow of a doubt, acting! I like being creative and using my voice. Getting my friends together and making short films has been fun. I might do more of those down the line, but mainly acting is my first priority.

ALWheaties: You've done 2 short films: #nightslikethese and won an award for Don't.  (Winner at the 2013 Native Cinema Showcase presented by Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian). How was it directing these short films and how long did they take to make?

Amber: Oh, goodness, that was a long time ago. A lot of my friends are film industry people, so it meant calling in some favors. #nightslikethese took about 3 days with pick-up and Don't took about a day and a half with pick-up.

ALWheaties: How was it growing up before the camera? I see you were in Sunshine Cleaning at 9-years-old, that was a great movie.

Amber: My Mom's a Casting Director and my Dad's an actor. It's always been there before me, but not suggested to me to do. I've always had an interest for it and for acting in particular.

ALWheaties: I see in 2001, you played a little girl in The Homecoming of Jimmy Whitecloud. Have you acted with your dad David Midthunder on any projects?

Amber: Nothing that comes to mind. I'm around him a lot.

ALWheaties: Do you have any pets?

Amber: Yes. I have horses and dogs.

ALWheaties: I have read that you have a passion for animals and the environment.  Do you work with any charities?

Amber: Yes. I am the Youth Ambassador for 'Return To Freedom'. They save wild horses from being slaughtered and help allow them to be free.

I also believe in the use of sustainable palm oil. It is in everything that we use. It is in makeup, food, soap, everything. It is the third biggest cause of deforestation. They cut down all the trees whether they have palm oil or not. This is causing the orangutans to be wiped out and loose their habitat. I love orangutans, there is just something about them that is so lovely. We need to buy from companies that only use sustainable palm oil. The World Wild Life Organization (WWL Fund) has a Palm Oil Scorecard that grades companies from A to F on whether they are good to buy from.

ALWheaties: Thanks for spending time with me today! Have a great weekend!

Amber: Thank you! You too.

You can check out Amber Midthunder at her Instagram Page!

I look forward to seeing Amber in Chapter 4 of Legion! I also look forward to see her movie Priceless!  I've ordered it off of Amazon as it just came out on DVD yesterday.  I can't wait to see how Legion unfolds and to what heights Amber tackles down the road!