NBC became home to a Paul Reiser tv series a few times. The first of which was My Two Dads, premiering September 20, 1987. Also starring in the series was Greg Evigan, Staci Keanan, Florence Stanley, Chad Allen, Giovanni Ribisi, and Dick Butkus.

The premise of the show was 12 year old Nicole (Keanan) goes to live with her father after her mother, Marcy Bradford, dies. Only problem is we're not sure who her father is. Two ex-friends, Michael (Reiser) and Joey (Evigan), were both competing for Marcy's affections. That's what split them apart. So the two guys are awarded joint custody. The two of them were polar opposites. Michael was a financial advisor and Joey was a struggling artist. Early on, they move into Joey's loft so Nicole doesn't have to go back and forth between two homes.

The judge who awarded them custody, Margaret Wilbur (Stanley), is also their landlady. She bought the building so she can keep a close eye on the newly developed family. The cafe downstairs is Klawicki's, run by Ed Klawicki (Butkus) who also helps solves the problems that the plot produces. After all, 2 guys raising an adolescent girl could present a world of trouble.

In the 3 year run of the series, the need for a DNA test to prove actual paternity wasn't really pushed until episode 3x09 "Pop, the Question". The guys have a falling out with no resolution in sight. Against Nicole's wishes, they perform a DNA test. However, they resolve their differences before they are shown the results. Only the judge peeks at them but we never see the contents. Nicole destroys the results, knowing she is happier with both of them in her life.

After 3 seasons and 60 episodes, My Two Dads finished it run on April 30, 1990.