In 1991, CBS launched some late night crime dramas under the Crimetime After Primetime promotion. They often featured some risque (for the times) story with elements of sex. One of the first shows to debut under this title was Sweating Bullets. It was only known as Sweating Bullets in the US though. Everywhere else in the world it had the title of Tropical Heat.

Sweating Bullets took place in the fictional town of Key Mariah, FL. Sun, fun, beaches, and everyone with a drink in their hand. The main character is Nick Slaughter (Rob Stewart), a pony-tailed private investigator and ex-DEA agent. His assistant is Sylvie Girard (Carolyn Dunn). She is working for him in the pilot but we see their backstory a little later in the series. Nick's best friend is Ian Stewart (John David Bland), owner of the local drinking establishment on the beach.

Nick was often visited by Ollie Porter (Eugene Clark), a police officer from Philadelphia tracking criminals. He would call on Nick to help him out. Starting in Season 2, Spider Garvin (Ian Tracey) enters the show when Ian leaves and Spider buys his bar.

Interesting side note: the series didn't only run in the late night block. A few times they tried it in primetime hours. Nothing ever came of that experiment, so I guess it didn't go as well as they hoped.

The show ran for three seasons and totaled 66 episodes. Its finale aired October 18, 1993. A movie sequel, Criss Cross, was produced in 2001 to reunite Nick Slaughter and Sylvie Girard.