Fox has released a mixtape, composed by Leo Birenberg, that can be found on iTunes: Son of Zorn Mixtape

"Son of Zorn follows an animated warrior and father Zorn as he rekindles a relationship with his live action teenage son and ex wife. Birenberg’s music was created for an 'in-universe' mixtape, as Zorn goes on a road trip with Edie to bring back Craig, in the penultimate episode of season 1. For this piece of transmedia, Executive Producer Eric Appel challenged Birenberg to craft humorous, Zorn-based songs set to real life genres. Birenberg used a variety of different real life and virtual instruments, and the result is a sonic accompaniment fit for one of TV’s most dysfunctional families." 

The vocals were provided by Charles McDonald (Whiskey & Zorn), Jason Paige (Sing You A Story, I Saw A Stranger), Marisa De Silva (Zorn Is At The Party); Background Vocals: Leo Birenberg; Guitars: Andrew Synowiec, Zach Robinson; Bass: Andrew Synowiec; Piano/Organ: Jeff Babko; Drums: Sam Kauffman-Skloff; Harmonica: Leo Birenberg; Synths: Leo Birenberg; Mixed by Phil McGowan; Produced by Leo Birenberg!

Head over to itunes now to download the mixtape!