If you missed the all-new episode of Frequency last night, you missed one heck of an hour of television. I have been excited about this show ever since I heard about it, and it has not let me down once. Each week the stakes are higher and judging by last night's episode, you can tell that this season is about to wrap up. Honestly I have no clue how this season will end, but I am hoping people will start watching once its on Netflix. It definitely deserves more love. Hopefully though, everything will work out and the CW will renew Frequency.

Of course, we still have two more episode until we wait for that verdict, so let's go ahead and talk about what the CW threw at Freqs last night.

As the episode opened up, which is not long after the events from the last episode, Raimy is in some pretty hot water after killing the Nightingale. The good news, she doesn't have to worry about this kind of trouble for long since the timeline will soon change. Not because Frank killed the Nightingale in 1996, but because of the events that took place during that time, which interfered with the current timeline. This is just one twist that we witnessed last night, and it happened right in front of our eyes. I was very pleased how things turned around and how Raimy got out of being a "murderer".

What this means now, well, since none of that action took place during the last episode, Meg is back from the grave because she never did die. However, she is still not out of the woods just yet. With the Nightingale knowing that Raimy is on to him, he suspects Meg has been telling her stories again. This can't end good for her right?

Well, in another twist, yes another, when Raimy goes up to the cabin to look for Meg, no sign of the Nightingale, but we do hear screams coming from the woods. Being the good cop Raimy is, she rushed through the dark trees and finds Meg with a bloody body. Who is this person? Her brother of course.

Wait, what? Didn't her brother die when they were kids? Yes, but that's before the timeline changed. You see, now that Julie is on Frank's side, I get to that in moment, she managed to talk Frank out of killing the Nightingale. Instead, he makes sure he ends up in jail. This is the place where he belongs!

Now back to Frank and Julie, who had great moments in this episode, just like they did last week. Being a concern wife, Julie proves to Frank that she is on her side by taking care of a few things for him. One, keeping her mouth shut on the wreck that Frank had, and two, for having his car replaced so nobody finds out what happened.

These two are slowly getting back on track, and it couldn't be more perfect. Riley Smith and Devin Kelley are great when they share there scenes together. Although they have it rough, it was nice to hear Julie tell Frank to please come back home to his family after he decides what he's going to do. It was touching.

But not only did the episode throw in a few curve balls to fans, but we learned more on Satch's past. It's pretty dark, but now we know why he helped Stan set up Frank in the pilot. Because he owed him.

Like I said, it was a great hour of television, and probably the best episode of Frequency yet. I'm sure as the last two episodes air, things will get even more intense.