Frequency has returned to The CW and now, since it has, we have 3 more episodes left. However, let's talk about this episode because it was another crazy ride for Freqs everywhere! Of course, at first the episode delivered a few happy moments with Frank and Julie. It seems like they are getting their marriage back on track. We also have Raimy and Daniel becoming an official couple (well, in this life anyway). He's already planning to tell his current girlfriend that he's breaking things off and moving on. This guy is serious right? It's nice for Raimy that her life is finally starting to fall in place but at the same time, it's still falling apart. Right now her and her dad have a plan to "cut the tree at the trunk" and if all goes well, things should be like it was before everything changed. However, this is Frequency, so we all know that everything is not going to be okay. As I watched the episode, I was just waiting for that OH SNAP moment, because we all knew it was coming. However, I didn't really see things turning out like they did.

So what did happen? Well, Frank did break into the Nightingale's home, attacked him, and loaded him in the trunk of his car. Sounds good, right? Again, this is Frequency, so we're all waiting for something bad to happen. Right before the episode goes off, boom! A car hits Frank from the side, which will cause the Nightingale killer to escape. UGH! I hate cliffhangers, but it's what keeps fans watching. Also, this event does cause a concern for me. What if the Nightingale is not working alone? I mean, I do find it a little odd that a random car just crashed into Frank's while having the killer in his trunk. Sure, this could be a coincidence but I don't believe that. We already know who the Nightingale is, so why not throw us another mystery and have us guess who his partner is?

Of course, that's just for Frank. Raimy is in even more hot water in the present timeline. They got a call from Meg on the location of where she is being held at. Being the good cops that they are, her and her team speeds away to the rescue. Unfortunately, things don't end well for Meg but they don't end well for Raimy either. As the Nightingale tries to escape through the woods, Raimy catches up and ends up shooting him. Ouch! He wasn't even a threat at the moment. With Raimy thinking that her dad will successfully kill the Nightingale in the past, she believes that nothing really matters at this point. Boy is she wrong.

For the next episode, Raimy will face some consequences for her actions. Will she be fired? Let's hope not. Of course, she'll probably still be a cop even though she is no longer part of the team. We'll also see Frank learning the meaning behind a betrayal. Wait, what? Could this betrayal be the person who could possibly be working with the Nightingale? I guess we'll have to wait and see when Frequency airs Wednesday, January 11th on the CW.