When Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce returns on Bravo this week, all the ladies are trying to cope with the changes in their lives.

Abby (Lisa Edelstein) deals with the professional fallout from her gigolo scandal while she and Jake (Paul Adelstein) care for Becca's (Julianna Guil) abandoned baby. Delia (Necar Zadegan) confronts Albert (Brian Markinson) about sabotaging her wedding. Jo (Alanna Ubach) considers dating her baker, Scott (Will Kemp) while handling her disturbed ex-husband Frumpkis (Maury Sterling). Newly married Phoebe (Beau Garrett) is adjusting to life with JD (Aaron Staton) and she holds a ceremony to celebrate womanhood, but some of the girlfriends are not in the mood.

Check out the list below on what to expect from the season opener.

1. Mirroring the pilot, the episode starts with Abby as a guest on The Today Show, but there's a catch!

2. Abby and baby Christopher: Becca's baby is so cute we can (almost) understand why Abby is considering keeping it. Look for some heart-melting moments from Edelstein when Abby dotes on the newborn.

3. Phoebe and JD are on cloud nine and in usual TV fashion, this means something is about to burst their happy bubble.

4. Delia is freaking out about her personal and professional life falling apart. Just watch how the kick-ass lawyer gets a hold of herself.

5. Jo is giving Frumpkis some much needed tough love with her daughter in mind. (Ubach is doing an excellent job as the mamma bear.)

6. After a season of teasing, Jo and Scott finally go there and let's just say nobody expected to see this much - and it's not a complaint.

7. There's a hilarious - albeit somewhat ageist - check-up scene at the doctor's office with Abby (Edelstein's face is priceless there). Breakdown ensues. Look for an amusing chat about Taye Diggs between Jake and Abby. 

8. When Abby gets fired from SheShe, this opens a whole new range of opportunities for Barbara (Retta), whose world is about to get a whole lot bigger.

9. Abby and Babs' bond is developing into a much-appreciated female friendship based on support and encouragement, not competition. A real pleasure to watch.

10. Count on the girlfriends to turn a Goddess ceremony into a place for sarcasm and opinionated statements. We wouldn't have it any other way with this crew.

The end of the episode is filled with heart and a great deal of options. We cannot wait to see more.

Side note: The fashion and the music choices for the show are still on point.

Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce season 3 premieres this Wednesday at 10/9c PM only on Bravo. Tune in and come back afterwards to Voice of TV for our review.