Can you believe it is already the season finale of Good Behavior? What's even more scary is that we don't even know if TNT will renew the series for a second season! But I guess by that ending, do we really need another one? My answer to this question is no, but it would be nice to see what's next for Letty, Jacob and our favorite hit man.

What is interesting about this episode is how I planned on doing an advance review for this episode. That was until I watched it and realized that I couldn't possibly write one without including many spoilers. There is a lot of things I want to say about this season finale, so in order to fully write a good review, I decided that it was best to wait until the episode aired and then post my thoughts.

Okay, enough chit chat and let's get to it. So, last week we were left with Letty sending Javier's handle to Christian. Something that we were all hoping she would and wouldn't do. We didn't want her to because we love Javier, but we wanted her to in order to get full custody of her son. It's one of those decisions that will make you feel like crap no matter what you decide to do.

Nonetheless, she did what any good mother would do and that is selling Javier out. As soon as the episode opened up we see all of this going down. Javier meets up with a guy who claims that he wants his wife dead. Remember, Javier is a compassion person and he does make sure that this is what his client really wants. Unfortunately, I don't think the law really cares if you have a heart or not. If you do the crime, you do the time, right? Luckily Javier notices the ear piece in his client's ear and starts to study his surroundings. It doesn't take long for him to be aware that this is a set up. UGH! Letty, what have you done!

The good news, this is only Letty's guilty conscience playing tricks on her. In her mind, this is what she fears. The bad news, if she does not find a way to fix her, well I wouldn't say mistake, but her doing, this fear of hers will come true.

This is actually what the season finale is all about. But also we learn who got full custody of Jacob. It shouldn't be surprise, by fans at least, that Letty managed to have her son back in her life without any say so. YAY! This was a very happy moment for fans to watch. We have watched Letty struggle with this storyline all season, and to see her finally getting what she wants is very awarding, even if it was a little staged.

Not only that though, but it almost made me want to cry as Estelle had to turn him over to his mother. Sure, she is not much better than Letty, but she is the one who has raised Jacob. We see how much she loves this kid and how much she has already done. It's a lot. What made this scene even more special is how Estelle made it clear that she will be here for Letty if she needs any help with Jacob. Now this is true love. We have watched this family struggle all season long, it's nice to see it coming together just fine.

And what's awesome, this is only one touching moment that we have in this episode. The other part comes later, after Letty pretty much stalks Javier around town. No, she's not a crazy person, just a lady that is trying to clean up her mess. She doesn't want Javier to spend the rest of his life in prison. In order do make sure that this does not happen, we spend a lot of time watching Letty acting like a crazy ex-girlfriend who is now stalking the man she can't get over. It's actually pretty funny. Remember, Javier is not happy with Letty. Not because she sold him out, he doesn't know that part yet, but because he walked in on her and her baby's daddy in the bed. This one really broke our hearts, and his too. But as we know, Letty is not the type of person that gives up, especially when it comes to something that she wants.

Anyway, before this review gets really long and boring, let's cut to the chase. As Javier meets up with the undercover, and enters an elevator to do his job, Letty enters and the two of them chats. She realize that the only way she can stop him from killing is to be honest and confess what she did. You would think this would make any person run right? But no, Javier gets off on the floor that he needs to be on and walks away to do the job.

I'm sure he is a little hurt at being betrayed by the woman who he thought he could trust, but at the same time he understands why she did it. Again, Javier may be a hit man, but he's not a psychopath. He's a human being with real emotions and a heart.

The good news, Javier did return to spend a life with Letty and Jacob. The final scene of the episode was the three of them cruising down the road as Javier talks to Jacob about his mother. He tells him that his mother is a good person who he can always trust, even if you don't feel like you can. She may not have a way with words, but her actions always comes through. Oh, at last, a happy family. Nevermind the siren that we hear in the background. Who says that is for them? Maybe it's just a cop that has to be somewhere else. For now, I wouldn't worry much about it.

So that's what I thought about the season finale. How did you feel? Do you hope we will get a second season? Like I said above, it would be nice to see, but do we really need one?