Why is it when the good guys that we love so much turn bad, they do it so very well? Jeffrey Dean Morgan has taken on the role of Negan, the latest (and quite possibly worst) psychotic killer in season 6 of The Walking Dead, and even though we've only got a glimpse of him so far, he already sends chills down our spines and gives us the creeps! Maybe he gets to us so much because when we see that cute, crooked smile, those dimples, and those big brown puppy dog eyes, we think of Denny Duquette from Grey's Anatomy and not this crazy guy holding the barb-wire wrapped baseball bat, about to bash one of our beloved character's heads in. We loved Denny; Denny was so sweet. We so do NOT love Negan; Negan is 100 percent BAD.

Only time will tell who is on the other end of Lucille and how this will all play out, but I have a feeling Negan is going to give quite a few of us nightmares and make us want to have a bat burning party come October. For all of us TWD Superfans, October can't come soon enough!