Although its not a direct continuation from last weeks episode, this one seems to pick up shortly after the events from last week. Nick comes home late and Adalind is awake, and discuss Renard wanting to see what's in the tunnel, and that his friend thinks Diana is at risk. Adalind tells Nick that Diana was in control of Renard the night he killed Bonaparte, and also the murderous fun involving the death of Rachel Wood.

Monroe and Rosalee come home to find the mirror uncovered and Eve's blood smeared on it, along with the open hexenbeist book. They call Nick to inform him of the situation, suspecting that Eve went through the mirror. Adalind asks what book it is. As Rosalee flips the cover to look, it immediately closes and locks. It can only be reopened by a hexenbeist. With Adalind's advice, Nick brings the stick with him to Monroe and Rosalee's.

Eve wakes up on the other side of the mirror and can see the others through a stone slab and pounds on it. They can't see or hear her though. As Nick and Adalind arrive, with Eve still calling out, the vision of the house disappears and Eve is left with just the slab with the symbols from the cloth on it. Hearing screaming, Eve goes toward it and finds 3 wesen giving chase to a human swinging an axe. He is able to hit one of them, but is quickly taken down and chewed apart by the other two. The dead wesen does not change back to human form. This is something like we have never seen before. Two more wesen come by and feed on the body.

Diana can tell that Eve is in the mirror and that it's her blood that is on the frame. To find the spell that was used, Adalind has to woge to open the book. She tells Diana ahead of time so that she does not startle her, but she doesn't seem to be affected after it happens. Hexenbeist blood is used as a toll, but only the hexenbeist whose blood is used can enter the mirror. Nick immediately shoots down this idea but has another one. Since the stick is tied to everything, maybe that can open the portal. Pressing the stick to glass, the portal opens and Nick walks through. However, the stick stays behind. Diana informs them that the stick can't go because it doesn't belong there.

Nick awakens in the same place Eve did, seeing the others through the mirror but unable to communicate. He sees Monroe pick up the stick and realizes that it didn't make the journey with him. A quick look around reveals a blutbad ripping the throat out of a bauerschwein. The blutbad catches Nick's scent and heads toward him, speaking German. Nick warns him but to no avail. This blutbad doesn't seem to be afraid of Nick. He doesn't know that Nick is a Grimm and doesn't even realize what Nick's gun is until Nick shoots him. The shots fired attract Eve's attention to come find Nick. What was this strange place with the primitive wesen? Whatever it is, its eerily similar to the Black Forest.

Adalind tells Monroe and Rosalee about Renard's friend and the discussion with Nick. Even though they don't trust him, they are running out of options and need to bring him in on this for a little more information. When Renard arrives, he doesn't realize that everyone will be there. Hank and Wu have joined Monroe, Rosalee and Adalind at Nick's loft to show him the tunnel.

Discussing the strange world apparently run by wesen, Eve notices that her skin looks like she is starting to woge, even though she isn't trying. The sound of blutbaden coming alerts Nick and Eve to run.  A chase is on, and Nick and Eve come across a group of primitive looking humans, dressed in skins who are afraid of the wesen. Nick takes out his gun and shoots the blutbaden. Then he puts it away to show he won't harm the humans. When they realize their enemies are dead, Nick and Eve are welcomed in as they roast the blutbad for dinner. (Just don't tell Monroe what they ate.) Nick takes a stone and draws the beast they are looking for and explains they need help finding it. The beast, Zerstorer, is in the Black Forest.

Showing Renard the symbols that Eve drew in the tunnel, it also comes out that Diana drew them because she saw them on the cloth. Since Renard hasn't quite been up to date on this stuff, Monroe informs him about what they found in the Black Forest and shows him the stick. He doesn't seem impressed with the stick until they tell him about it healing Monroe, Nick, and Eve. It's time to see if his friend knows anything to help them.

The leader of the humans takes Nick and Eve toward the Black Forest, stopping at a rock circle. Only wesen can go past that point. He notices Eve's hand starts to change again and identifies it with a hexenbeist and flees.

Renard's friend needs to know more about the place through the mirror but not much is known. She compares it to Schrodinger's Cat experiment. A closed box with a cat inside and poison. There is a 50-50 chance the cat is alive. As long as the box (this portal) is closed, both dimensions exist. They tell her about the guy with the skullface (that we now know is Zerstorer). His friend changes from speaking English to speaking Russian so Diana and the others don't understand her. Diana could be the Shaphat. The skullface could be what we call the devil or Satan. Prophecies speak of the coming of the devil to take a Shaphat as a child bride to breed 100 children. She is unsure of a way to stop it and suggests to prepare for the worst. After Diana is in bed, he explains the beast doesn't want Nick or Eve. It wants Diana.

Nick and Eve are back where they came through the mirror. The symbols on the stone are the same as what's in the sky. A blutbad attacks but Nick shoots him. Now Zerstorer knows they are there. The earth quakes as he comes out with his staff. He pounds it to the ground, sending a shockwave that blows Nick and Eve backwards. Nick gets up and shoots him, but the bullets have no effect. Zerstorer mutters something that Eve recognizes, that he knows that Nick is a Grimm, but he doesn't seem too afraid of them. The staff produces lightning and Eve woges, ready for battle.

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