Sherlock's long-anticipated 4th season premiered this past week, and boy, did it pack a punch. The premiere episode "The Six Thatchers" gave fans a lot to digest. For one, Sherlock interacting with a baby is absolutely adorable. Second, the usually loyal and steadfast John strayed in his marriage. But everything in the episode really feels like minor details when compared to the ending. Mary Watson, the lovely wife to John, friend to Sherlock, and former top secret spy, was shot and killed. She ultimately dove in front of a bullet to save Sherlock's life (making things "even" she said in reference to the time she shot him), leaving John widowed and poor baby Rosie without her mother. While her time on the show was short, Mary, played wonderfully by the luminous Amanda Abbington, added a new and fun dynamic to the boys' club. She didn't get in the way of the unique friendship between the two men, and in fact, encouraged them frequently to maintain their bond. She will be missed. So what do you think of her untimely demise? Vote in the poll below!