Oh Dwight. We've been introduced to quite a few polarizing figures on The Walking Dead, although usually it's been fairly easy to lump them into either the hero or villain categories after awhile. Even someone like The Governor, who oozed charm on the surface, deep down we knew he was a sleazy scumbag (and we were right). Gareth and the Termites? Cannibals! Obviously in the villain category there. And as for Negan, even though he's a newbie, his ruthless slaying of Abraham and Glenn can only mean one destination for him. 

But what about Dwight? It's a bit trickier if you try to go down the route of classifying him as one of the bad or good guys. When we first met him, Daryl was still on his own personal mission to see the good in others and had offered to help Dwight, Sherry and Tina. It didn't take long before Daryl's optimism was shattered by the stranded Saviors and they're thievery. By the time we ran into Dwight again, he was exceedingly more violent and far less apologetic. Not only did he kill poor Denise, but he shot Daryl, and has pretty much been a giant, smarmy pain in the ass since. 

In "The Cell" we learn that Dwight's current standing as Negan's right-hand man came with serious consequences. His wife left him (to save his life) for Negan upon their return to the Sanctuary and he was treated to an iron to the face for his betrayal and attempted escape. Sure, he walks around high and mighty, taking his fill of supplies and treating almost everyone he encounters like a dog that should be put down (Daryl in particular, with the dog food sandwiches he brings him), but it's difficult to say whether put in a similar position most people would play it any different. After all, Dwight admits in his depressing hallway conversation with his ex-wife that at least they're alive and they made the right choice. Better to be at the right hand of the Devil than in his way, right? We've seen time and time again that survival in the zombie-stricken apocalypse is brutal and merciless. I see glimmers of hope in Dwight, like his deep urging of Daryl to kneel and accept Negan as his leader, his mercy killing of a former cohabitant, or even the Roy Orbison tune for Daryl's weary ears to listen to. If push comes to shove, which we know it will eventually, and Rick's group decided to make a stand, where will Dwight's allegiance fall? Maybe Daryl can ultimately convince him to flip and act as a double agent? 

What do you think? Do you think Dwight is misunderstood or just another baddie?