One of the reasons iZombie has become known for is its striking ability to deliver independent stories each week, that even when they are not as exciting as the previous or the next one, they can still reveal new layers of the show's main narrative. And this Tuesday's episode was certainly proof of that exact fact.

Real Dead Housewife of Seattle presents us with the case of the classic rich woman, with the perfect house and the seemingly perfect (yet completely damaged) life, who falls to her death after fighting off her attacker. Her lifestyle and world view, that flood her brains, manage to turn Liv into an utter stylish geek, who turns up for work in high heels and expensive dresses, and engages into meaningless conversations about bag brands while doing interrogations. Much like every previous time, Rose McIver's acting abilities are perfectly showcased once again, as she delivers her inner rich housewife with... style!

As EP Rob Thomas promised before the season started, the nods to Veronica Mars would be numerous throughout the year, and the third iZombie installment of the season definitely lived up to that statement. Starting with the guest cast, the grieving widower and member of the Max Rager board, Terence Fowler, is portrayed by David Starzyk, who appeared in a handful of Veronica Mars episodes as the white-collar criminal father of Dick and Cassidy Casablancas. His position in the company, and therefore in the life of none other than its CEO, Vaughn Du Clark (who very conveniently was having occasional one-on-ones with Fowler's now dead wife) led to the reveal of new access points to the secret happenings inside Max Rager.

Unlike our favourite love-to-hate, unzombified baddie Blaine, Vaughn is not the kind of villain that would allow his hands to get even the least bit dirty. Up until now we've seen him have people killed when they've gotten too close, and is currently blackmailing Major into doing his dirty work. But this week, we got another glimpse into his very twisted psyche, with the disturbing reveal that he is harboring a full-on zombie in the subbasement of the Max Rager, one that didn't even hesitate to rip Fowler into bloody pieces... Yikes! Yes, Vaughn may seem like the man who is rinsing the world of the zombie 'disease', but his personal locked-up zombie assasin in the labs does not look like he enjoys 4 seconds of screentime. And something tells me that this delightful being will make another scary appearance in the course of the season, something that does not bode well with Major's association with the company.

The most obvious Veronica Mars reference, though, was Liv's final words of the hour. "We used to be friends" she says to Glinda - who, not-so-shockingly, is Vaughn's illegitimate spawn - when she discovers her ex-roommate's present-cake for her birthday. A statement that makes us realize the inner sadness that Liv is truly experiences in her post-transformation life. Her desperate, and unfortunately failed, attempts to find a friend to spend this special day with gets the viewers to see exactly how much she misses Peyton and what she meant to her. Now that she is back, one can definitely tell that she is not just someone who remembers Liv's birthday. She is someone who represents hope for Liv's future for the amendment of her ruined relationships with her family and Major. If Peyton can accept her transformation and see her friend for whom she truly is, then there is hope that, when her family learns the truth, they will as well. And there's hope that Major will also be able to move past it (and stop making out with the read-headed villains).

Peyton's return, though, signifies the beginning of another subplot. Leading the task force that will take down the Utopium trade means that she is likely going onto a collision course with Major and Blaine and it will further draw her into the current storytelling, now that she is not directly connected to Liv through living arrangements, or having a romance with Ravi, who welcomes her back with open arms and a somewhat hesitant reaction nonetheless.

Still, one of the big issues addressed this week was the failure of communication. Particularly in Liv's case, even though she craved for companionship on the day of her birthday, she didn't tell anyone about it. Not Ravi, who could have easily rescheduled his date, not Clive, who could probably have made a clearance to his schedule for her. What she does is try to find substitutes for the people that really matter to her, and, unbeknownst to her, engaging with dangerous personalities, like a secret murderer slash stylist, or her new roommate who is nothing but Vaughn's spy. And in Major's case, he needs to tell someone about his dark activities soon, or he's going to lose his mind (and take me with him as well, because I'm going crazy about it). Hopefully, the fact that Liv and Ravi now know he is working for Max Rager means that they are one step closer to this truth.

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