In the two years that iZombie has been on air, I've watched and enjoyed every episode with my heart. Each one has always managed to entertain until the last second, combining mystery, romance, friendship, sassiness, comedy and action in the most perfect way. And after waiting for so long for "Fifty Shades Of Grey Matter" to air, not just for Kristen Bell's vocal cameo, but also, because I had the pleasure of watching part of the episode being filmed (let me tell you, those stunts Major pulled while running to the animal shelter were even more thrilling live), I was left with a peculiar taste in my mouth when it ended. But let's take things from the start.

This week's victim is Grace, a librarian and also a porn novelist, who is murdered by hemlock poisoning. As soon as Liv feeds off her brain, she gets... well, horny to say the least. Enter here the entertaining part of the episode: Liv hitting on practically every walking male! I'm not sure where I laughed out more. When she was feeling up Clive? When she was spanking Ravi? Or maybe when she was suggesting he and Major should wrestle shirtless? Sure thing is, I laughed at all of them, because they were all bearers of the lightness and humorous style iZombie uses as its personal signature.

The case itself was not the most interesting of all. I mean, of course it was the husband, and well, his motives had some reasoning (of course, not wanting to be known as the man who can't give it to his wife does not justify murder. Maybe he should have seen a psychiatrist?). No, the culprit behind Grace's murder could not compare to the advance Clive and Bozzio made in the Meat Cute case. For a moment there I got way too excited, because, as much as I like that psycopath Blaine, I was actually looking forward to seeing him and Babineaux go one-on-one in the police station. And while they kind of did, it was short-lived. And here's is where the grey parts of the episode begin.

While the dark side in me was looking into the possibility of Blaine and Payton hooking up with interest, the light (and logical) side knew it would only lead her to pain and cause her hurt. And as it turned out, the light side was right. Payton discovered all about Blaine's murderous past and his involvement in the Meat Cute case and as it was normal, she broke down, leading into the heartbreaking final scene between her and Liv. Liv informed her friend in detail about all the ways Blaine has hurt her already, most importantly how he was the one responsible for her turning into a zombie. And poor Payton realizes that as much as you think you know someone when you sleep with them, you really do not. And that was the wake-up call for Liv, who apparently decided to start a zombie hookup session and moved forward with fellow zombie, Drake. Yes, zombies too deserve to get their groove on, but how wise was it for Liv to open up to someone she knows practically nothing about?

I am all for Liv moving on and finding love again (although I do believe that she and Major will be this show's Ross and Rachel), but when a relationship starts off because the one party was under the horny brain influence, and then blossoms based on roofie mentions, then I don't consider it a healthy one. I'm sure the writers intended to be funny, but one thing we've learnt lately is that if you cannot handle the delicate issue of rape properly, then don't use it at all (hello Once Upon A Time fail...). So yes, Liv "roofing" Drake with horny brains? Yeah, not good! As it were not good to see poor Minor getting all abandonded in the back of a bus. Why Major, why? Hasn't that poor dog suffered enough already because of you? Sigh... Roofies and animal maltreatment in one episode. Come on iZombie, we both know you are better than that.

And then there's the matter of agent Bozzio. Blaine has made an open threat against her, now that he knows she was the one behind his arrest. Is that an omen? Is she going to be found dead in a dark alley or maybe turned into a zombie herself? I'd hate to lose Bozzio, her dynamic with her and Clive is just starting to thrive and there's so much potential there between her and Liv. New petition for 2016, #protectAgentBozzio2k16!

What did you guys think of "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter"? Watch the promo for the next episode below: