After a nearly month-long hiatus, iZombie returned this Tuesday to our screens with one hell of a powerful episode that followed the structure of "Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind": a low-key case of the week, that served as a warm-up for the massive events that took place in the final 10 minutes. And I can't say that I complain, certainly not when in the course of its short break, we got the news that the show has been renewed for a 3rd season. Yay! Congrats iZombie, renewal very much deserved and I'm personally thrilled that I will be seeing more of the dark adventures Liv, Ravi, Major, Blaine, Peyton and Clive find themselves involved with... assuming of course they live to tell the tale.

This week our heroes investigate the death of a Max Rager employed scientist, whose direct involvement with the "enemy" pushes Liv to go on a short undercover mission. It was quite refreshing to see Rose McIver leave Liv's zombie hair and makeup behind and let loose her natural wavy blonde locks. As it was hugely entertaining to see how creeped out Ravi was by her style. Oh Ravi, you da best, man! I've said it before and I will say it again (and again and again), but Rahul Kohli is the absolute gem of the show and I feel blessed to be able to enjoy his wits and talent on my screen. The case was not one that involved many suspects, and surprisingly the culprit was what in the TV land we call the "Evil Twin"; aka the sister of a woman whose face got permanently deformed because of the victim's miscalculations, a mistake that led both girls to abandon their dreams and follow completely different paths in their lives (one of them obviously becoming a... murderer. Talk about change of routes!).

During her interview by the company's scientific team, Liv discovers the existence of a secret basement accessed only by those working on SuperMax. Of course, when she tried to get past its security system, she was graciously thrown out by non other than our "beloved" Vaughn Du Clark. Not unexpected, considering the fact that in that very basement lies a SuperMax-ed zombie guinea pig, who, apparently. can now run at least 13 miles per hour! So nice of the always narcissistic ass that Vaughn is to actually taunt the zombie while there were no real protective measures against the potential violent episodes SuperMax has warned him of. When it managed to escape its fetters, Vaughn did not think twice and, in order to save himself, he left his daughter behind to fight for her life, while he rode the elevator to his glass office, secured its door and poored himself a drink. I'm no fan of his, or Rita's for that matter, but I got to admit, even if it was in the security of his office, this was the first time Vaughn let his guard down and showed fear. Was he scared because of what would happen to his own flesh and blood? We wouldn't know, as he has never shown any type of emotion about her, except for when he thought Major slept with her and then hit her on the face. Was he scared because he realized the implications of what had just occured?

Whatever it was that made him show human emotion, it's safe to say that Rita's countless scratches suggest that there is one more person in town craving for human brains. What does this mean for the future of our story? Is she going to reach out to Liv or Major and change teams? Is she going to abandon her father the way he abandoned her in the hands of a zombie on SuperMax? And even if she does, are Liv and Major ever going to consider helping her at all, after all the crap she has put both of them through? No matter what happens, this new development certainly puts a shift in the show's trajectory and I imagine it will affect in a big way the rest of the season. And same thing goes for Major kidnapping Drake while he was going to meet up with a very suspecting Liv. Only a few episodes before the season reaches its end, it really does look like all of the year long arcs are reaching a common point and when they meet up, it's going to be a huge blast.

And now on to once-more-a-zombie Blaine. Blaine, this deliciously captivating villain who each week makes me go thumbs up because yeah, David Anders is, along with Rahul Kohli, iZombie's second strongest asset. And at this point, let me praise this show on its magnificently talented cast! I seriously cannot separate one from the other, because all of them add to it in their own special way. Kudos to Rose, Malcolm, Rahul, David, Jessica, Robert and Aly for managing to make me, one of the most difficult-to-please viewers, like the entire cast and enjoy all the characters. Well done show! Now back to my review. Blaine instructs Major to take down Drake, angry that he is that Drake didn't inform him that Mr.Boss knew he was his Utopium rival. This complicates things in a big way, since, first of all, Drake didn't know anything, as the day everything went down he was in the police station working on how to get Mr.Boss down (he is an undercover policeman after all... but damn it, nobody knows that) and secondly, neither Blaine nor Major know that Drake is dating the quite suspecting Liv. Oops!

At the same time, and without letting anyone else truly in, we bear witness to one of Blaine's fears, and that is death. Upon facing the possibility of dying, Blaine not only lets clear instructions to his two subjects on how to handle his business and property after he's gone, but he also decides to take the "emergency-only" serum Ravi gave him. Yes, it does provide him with a possible cure, but it has not been tested yet. So who's to say that it won't drive Blaine into a faster or uglier death? Or worse, what if it turns him into something similar to the zombie on SuperMax wrecking havoc in Max Rager's basement?

This season everyone has been having secrets, everybody lies and no one trusts anyone. And it was quite obvious in this past episode that no secret is going to stay hidden for long. Clive and Estelle (Estelle??? Bozzio's first name is Estelle? I got major Friends feels there!) finding out that someone forged the report on the brains Suzuki's widow delivered was yet another insinuation that every deceipt and every lie will be seeing the light of day very very soon. And I don't think there will be a character that won't react strongly on the upcoming revelations.

In the meantime, the next episode of iZombie airs this Tuesday, March 29, on CW. Watch the promo here:

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