Who is going to win in the epic upcoming fight between Batman and Superman? Who is the most badass? Well, the cast of iZombie certainly has chosen their sides in the newest video released by CW.

"It's going to be a close one" says Robert Buckley. Malcolm Goodwin and David Anders though are more adamant. "My money is on Batman"states Goodwin, while the always charming Anders backs him, saying "Batman will win, obviously, because he's a super hero, while Superman is a super zero"! And of course Rahul Kohli agrees with his costars too, "I'm sure [Batman] has a secret stash of Kryptonite somewhere, it's over for Superman", adding my favourite quote from the video "Did Afflec do his iZombie video? Did he say what his favourite couple was?". Oh I knew why I love Rahul, the man is a moving punch line!

Seems the iZombie stars already have a winner in the video below. What side will you choose?