I have something to confess: I have an addiction to a television show. I am addicted to the Killing Fields on Discovery ID. Maybe it is because I grew up as the daughter of a cop turned detective or maybe it is because I have a degree in law enforcement. I don’t know, really.

Killing Fields is a "shot in real time" show about an area in Louisiana that has a lot of swamps and rivers where bodies can be easily hidden. Murderers often use these places as a dumping ground. Former Detective Rodie Sanchez is retired from the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office (for anyone outside of that area, parishes are the same as counties) in Louisiana. He goes to his old department to ask for a cold case, he failed to solve, be reopened.

The case he wants reopened is that of Eugenie Boisfontaine. It is an old case, her body was found in 1997, so they did not have the resources to solve cases the way we do today. The Sheriff agrees to reopen it but only if Detective Sanchez comes back to help on it. He quickly agrees; it seems he made Eugenie’s mom a promise that they would catch whoever killed her daughter and he wants to fulfill that promise.

While he is investigating that case another one of his cases, that went cold, becomes hot again. A body in a barrel is found and it seems to fit a confession he got out of a man who he spoke to about 26 years ago. You may ask why he was not arrested then: it was because there was no body. Detective Sanchez is ready to go after the confessor. The suspect is the town bully and has made more than one person "disappear", allegedly.

Of course, Detective Rodie Sanchez is not on his own, he has a team behind him. They are working these cases with the permission of Sheriff Brett Stassi. There is also Major Ronnie Hebert, Detective Lori Morgan, Detective Jeremy Sanchez, Detective Leslie Bradford, and Detective Brett Stassi, Jr.

There is also Detective Aubrey St. Angelo, who is partnered with Rodie. Detective St. Angelo grew up around his new partner as his dad was a police officer. In fact, he can trace police officers all the way back to his great grandfather. Aubrey deserves an award for patience. The difference between the old and new are visible but they get along well. The back and forth ribbing they have is pure fun and you know they have total respect for each other.

The season 2 finale will air on February 21, 2017 at 10/9c. There has been more progress this season and I think viewers will be satisfied. Be sure to catch up on it if you haven’t watched it yet. It is great to see how cases are really worked.