Legion is being renewed for season 2? Let's break into a song and dance number. On second thought, let Aubrey Plaza do that, she's awesome.

In Legion Chapter 6, Lenny Busker (Aubrey Plaza) breaks into a full-on music video to Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" (Bassnectar Remix). In this alternate reality, Lenny is the therapist and this music video is part "Bob Fosse", part "Bond Girl", and all kinds of awesome! I personally love the music and the neat thing is, as Lenny does her dance, she is in different rooms that we have seen throughout the series. It is so bizarre, but cool to see them in another way. It is like it is Lenny's playground and we are all pawns to her whims. Perhaps we are, indeed.

Legion is a pretty crazy show but I love watching it. It often has me scratching my head at where they are going and what is happening. I am feeling good about the fact it has been renewed for a second season. Eight episodes in season 1 doesn't seem enough. I can only imagine where this story will lead next. Either way, I will be enjoying the ride!