There was a lot of "awwwwing" and "flailing" going on in the Major Crimes fandom this Wednesday night as Andy Flynn went down and one knee and asked Sharon Raydor to marry him. The couple has been together for almost 2 years now but due to the limited insight the audience got into the development of their realtionship it was rather hard to estimate at what point their realtionship was. However, with Wednesday night's episode the show has provided an answer to this question.

Throughout the entire episode Andy was nervously trying to find the perfect way to pop the question. The case of the week however, kept foiling all his plans. With Rusty and Gus' help Andy eventually managed to organize a romantic candle-light dinner at the balcony of the condo. Sharon was almost stunned into speechlessness as she came home and took in the scenery. Even though she must have already suspected something she seemed very surprised as Andy went down one knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket. The audience did not get to hear his actual proposal nor Sharon's answer but so far there is no reason to believe that she declined.
Not all viewers are too happy about the fact that the screen faded to black before Sharon could answer, others however, are just thankful they got to witness an important milestone in their realtionship, even though it was cut short.
What do you people think? Are you happy the two idiots in love are finally engaged?