If you want to know how 2016 felt for many, just watch Mariah Carey's performance from last night while she was ringing in 2017 on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2017. It's true, she does have a voice of an angel, however, last night there were some major technical malfunctions during her performance.

First, while trying to sing her first song, we heard the music, but the pre-recorded vocals were missing. So, instead of singing the song live, like every singer should, she started walking around stage, talking to the crowd and trying to be a good sport. 

“It just don’t get any better,” especially for her next song that she had to sing. I'm sure everyone is familiar with "We Belong Together," and I am sure everyone caught how bad the singer was struggling to stay in sync with the pre-recorded vocals. Poor Mariah, I know she is one more person that is thrilled to have 2016 over with.

You can watch the entire messy performance in the video below.

Afterwards, the singer took to social media and tweeted,

Don't worry Mariah, we still love you!