There is exciting news for all Doctor Who fans; Michelle Gomez will be back as Missy for season 10. When we last saw the Mistress of mayhem, in episode 2 of season 9 (The Witch's Familiar), she was surrounded by daleks on their home planet. We know that she can get herself out of anything so it is certain she got out of that situation. How she did it is the question.

There is not much known about her appearance yet, not even by Gomez. Even if she knew something, she couldn’t say much. Hopefully she will not regenerate after this appearance. With Stephen Moffat leaving and Missy being his form of the Master it would not be unprecedented if she made her final appearance this season.

The actress said this summer she was open to making an appearance on the new Doctor Who spin-off Class. Fans can only hope that she will take over Coal Hill School for an episode. She would cause havoc among a bunch of teenagers.

There is one thing for sure; she is an absolute evil delight to have as the female version of the Master.

What do you think about her return?