We’re still in Venice and Rodrigo must be doing something right for our favorite prima donna seems to be in a very cheery mood, happily practicing the songs about Amy Fisher. 

I think I’ve actually never heard anyone use the word f*ck in an aria so many times before but it seems to work. Meanwhile, Hailey is still around, working on La Fiamma’s dresses for the upcoming comeback concert. Now, did I miss something? Since when does Hailey know how to sew dresses?

Anyway, he tells Alessandra how to sing the songs, she challenges him to do the same. At the same time, all of Venice seems to be getting ready for the highly-anticipated comeback concert; have you seen these bobblehead dolls of Rodrigo and Alessandra?

As the concert is getting closer, it is time to practice the whole thing with an actual orchestra, while properly dressed in a chic dress of course! It’s opera! Let’s just say as much as our beloved opera star wants help, she also doesn’t like being told what to do, especially not in front of everyone else. I don’t really blame her, but I don’t envy Rodrigo for his job either!

And we’re back in New York. It’s about time. Cynthia’s waiting for the rest of the gang and can I just say how much I love them? They are such lovely, crazy people. DeeDee the old hippie is just casually strolling through NYC wearing...a diaper…? It doesn’t make it any better when Cynthia points out that his balls are falling out. Cheers for that. Union Bob is still driving for Uber and Betty won’t make it because she’s subbing with the Honolulu Symphony. Now that’s the kind of workplace I’d love!

Cynthia reminds them all to stay strong and dignified, pointing out that it was in fact Deedee’s left testicle that’s falling out of his pants. That did make me laugh. The four of them make music with a school class, which is a lovely thing the kids most certainly enjoy and I wish we would’ve seen something like that before but… really, they let DeeDee into class with that outfit?

After the lesson we learn that Cynthia does have a past that doesn’t include classical music! Lars invites her to tag along, mentioning his wife and kids. Cynthia admits that her last relationship was a little f*cked up and I have to say I’m not happy with the whole thing. They just never really mentioned it again and I really liked Cynthia and Nina!

Back at home Cynthia gets out some old records of the “The Dirty Filthy Stains“ featuring our very own cellist Cynthia when Hailey calls. Rodrigo shows up, refusing to talk to Cynthia, and Hailey tries her very best to keep him from throwing her phone off the roof. Does he know that he can just end the call with a single touch and not throwing it away?

Back in Venice, Alessandra and Rodrigo are recognized by the press, who is finally paying attention to the upcoming concert. It’s kinda rude how they ask questions about Alessandra as if she’s not even right in front of them. I really liked seeing the fact that she’s actually afraid. She wants this so much but she can’t stop doubting herself and be afraid of what might happen.

In New York another meeting takes place without Rodrigo and it is demanded that they solve the dispute immediately. What he didn’t say is where the meeting would take place so the mayor (Danny Glover, Lethal Weapon) takes them to a garden. 

Look at how happy Warren is. Gloria, on the other hand, is not. I’d say she’s not properly dressed either. 

The mayor asks them to make something that grows together instead of arguing. I get the point of that little task but I honestly doubt it’ll get them anywhere. 

Gloria and Thomas still have a little affair going on, trying to distract herself with a bit of sex because the whole gardening meeting has been a disaster. The whole thing ends when they see a picture of Rodrigo in Venice, fearing he’ll never return to NYC. 

Hailey is still working on the red dress when Rodrigo attempts to sing a song. Please Rodrigo, and I speak for many of us, stay with the conducting. He admits not knowing how to sing but Hailey wants to know about conducting. Where did the sudden change come from? From playing the oboe, to sewing dresses for an opera diva, to conducting an orchestra? Interesting…

In the end Hailey gets a surprise visit from Erik. They go out for dinner but it turns out he’s not on the side of the orchestra and things are quickly over at that point. Too bad, the food looked delicious. Certainly better than the cheap clams!

Rodrigo pays Alessandra a visit and we all know what’s going to happen. It has been obvious from the beginning. Of course, they’ll have sex and I have a feeling Hailey won’t be too happy with that…

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