No matter where you are at, CMT has brought all of us back to Nashville. The first episode of the new season brought us a lot of answers, for example, Juliette's plane crash. I should warn you, if you have not watched the episode you will run into a few spoilers ahead.

Now, let's get back to that plane crash. As you know we lost contact with Juliette in the season 4 finale. When the 5th season premiered on its new network, December 15th, we learned that her plane crashed in a field not too far out of Nashville. That's the bad news. The good news is that she is the only one on the flight that made it out alive. She is suffering with a few broken bones and paralyzed. Poor girl but at least Avery did confess his love for her; she kindly turned him down. Maybe in a few more weeks we'll see if he feels the same way. Right now though, Juliette is busy blaming the crash on herself because she has pretty much messed everything up in her life, at least that's how she feels. Like Rayna told her, though, "If you were doomed, why would an angel come and save your life?"

Speaking about Rayna, she met a big fan at a concert where she was playing at. He couldn't help but to ask when or if she will ever release new material. We all know Rayna has been very busy these days but the truth is, she just doesn't know who she is anymore. She has been trying so hard to keep her label afloat, which makes her feel like she has nothing else to say/sing about. Maybe this guy will be around a bit longer to inspire her to write and put out something new. He just might be the guy to do it.

Let's forget about that guy for now and talk about Deacon. Who knew how romantic he can be? Well, we all knew he had a soft side; it has just been awhile since we have seen it. After Rayna called him up and explained how an anxiety attack made her cancel her flight home, he went all the way to her. My favorite quote from him in this episode is how he told Rayna, "cause my girl’s in trouble," after she asked why he was there. This calls for some serious love making guys and we get just that. 

This episode reminded me of why I love this show so much. We get music, drama and a little bit of romance all in one. I am so thrilled that CMT decided to pick this show up and save it after ABC cancelled it. I feel like this network is where Nashville belongs. 

If you missed the episode, don't worry, CMT will air the two hour season premiere again (although this was just the first half) on January 5th. Below, you can watch a little preview from this recap by watching the promo video.