So much happened in the first season of Colony, and as the first season ended, we were left with many different questions. The good news is we are getting a second season! The better news: this new chapter will premiere January 12th, which is not very long my friends. I suggest you start watching the first season on Netflix. It's only 10-episodes long so you will be all caught up in no time.

Of course if you just need a fresh reminder on where things are at right now, we are here to recap some of the important events that happened in the season finale. First, let's talk about Charlie, the missing son of Katie and Will. As of now, he is very much alive. In fact, he's made some street friends. However, I am afraid that these friends are the type you shouldn't make. They are nothing but trouble. Let's hope Will can find Charlie very soon.

Speaking of Will, he found out that his wife, Katie, was working with the Resistance. As you can imagine, he is not very happy about this. It's not because he doesn't understand what Katie is doing, but because she very well could ruin everything that they had going for them to get their missing son back. However, Proxy Snyder did give Will his transit pass, which will allow him to get through the Santa Monica Gateway to find Charlie. Of course, there is one catch ... this pass is only active while Snyder is in power. You may remember that Snyder is now out of power due to a new leader taking his place. What does this mean? We will soon find out.

In other events, while being in the secret tunnel that leads out of the colony, Bram and Carson are captured by the Red Hats. This is actually quite sad, especially when Will finds out. I mean, it's kind of his fault that his son was captured because he arranged to set this trap up. If he only knew what he was doing.

Meanwhile, for the final scene of the finale, Katie, who is now completely alone, is seen at home. As the scene pans out, we notice that Katie is being watched by a surveillance camera! Whoa, who's watching? How long have they been watching? And why are they watching?

From everything that has occurred, the Bowman family is in a rough spot right about now. But there is some good news. The youngest daughter of Will and Katie did manage to find herself in the Green Zone thanks to Maddie. Bram would have been there as well, but as stated above, he found a way to sneak away when he got the chance. I bet he'll regret that soon, don't you think?

Be sure to watch the season 2 premiere of Colony when it airs on USA, January 12th. Also, stay tuned with Voice of TV for our advance review of the episode.