Along with main characters every tv show has certain sidekicks that often tend to steal the spotlight in various ways. Most of the time I find myself preferring the sidekick characters over the actual main protagonists. These characters are usually a vital part of a tv show, they keep it running and they’re a part that you can always rely on. No matter what storyline is going on - whether you like it or not - you can always rely on the sidekick. They are funny, they may be the serious and reasonable counterpart or they may just serve as hilarious one-line deliverers that lighten up the mood every now and then. Enjoy our list of sidekick favorites.

Berta (Conchata Ferrell) - 2 And A Half Men

I still have a hard time deciding whether I like Alan or Berta more because they are both hilarious inn their own ways but while I watched the countless re-runs - which still make me laugh most of the time - I decided that it was definitely Berta. 

She’s the one who’s literally been around forever, working for Charlie while she’s actually the one calling the shots. She doesn’t take shot from anyone, doesn’t put up with Zippy being weird or one of Charlie’s numerous girlfriends strolling through the house. She is sarcastic and always speaking up for herself, bantering with Evelyn and literally everyone who crosses her path. She always hints at her rather criminal past, sometimes using it to intimidate Charlie and Alan and she always finds a way to get more money from Charlie than her usual payment. I just love how she’s always around, interfering with stuff, making herself at home or making everyone else do the work she’s paid to do when she’s fed up with them. 

She never fails to make us laugh, cracking a joke every now and then. She’s literally been the one thing that kept the show as great and funny as it always has been. Enjoy some of Berta's most hilarious moments.

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Zelena (Rebecca Mader) - Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time has added dozens of characters through the seasons. Some stayed briefly, some disappeared and some never left. We’re so glad that Zelena was one of them. Being killed once I was glad she got another chance and returned as a series regular by the time we reached season six. Now we’ve looked into that and gave you a whole of things stating why Zelena - and Rebecca Mader - is pretty much one of the best characters on the show. If you need another reminder, have a look here: The Wicked Witch Of The West: Why We Love Zelena

The wicked which never fails to add just the right amount of sass, wickedness and glamour, always brightening up various scenes with hilarious one-liners or eye-rolls that male up for a thousand words. We hope she’ll never leave and stays with the show as long as it may run. 

Once Upon A Time returns in March 2017 on ABC.

Sophie Kachinsky (Jennifer Coolidge) - 2 Broke Girls

I promised I wasn’t going to say it but I cannot not do it. Stifler’s Mum. For quite a long time this was the first thing coming to my mind when I saw Jennifer and along came Sophie Kachinsky - finally! Sophie is a Polish woman who owns a cleaning company - after first being suspected of running a brothel in the apartment above Max and Caroline. Sophie takes good care of „her girls“ and also Max and Caroline although she continuously states not to like Caroline as much. Sophie is hilarious, bossing everyone around. Even in the diner she has her table and often banishes other customers from her table. Her outfits are often quite memorable - and short! - she loves herself and her boobies just as much as Oleg loves them. She has an on and off relationship with Oleg until they finally get married at some point. 

Sophie is a kind-hearted woman who talks way too much about her sex life and often talks about growing up in communist Poland with rather weird stories. I have a hard time believing half of what she says but she certainly makes us laugh every time. 

2 Broke Girls airs on CBS on Mondays at 8/9c.

Taystee (Danielle Brooks) and Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) - OITNB

Now this one also has a whole bunch of pretty awesome and entertaining characters but these two are definitely pretty awesome. They’re so different but became inseparable at some point. „Taystee“ feels pretty much at home at Lychfield because she feels safe and has her girls around. I love the fact that she’s always watching out for „Crazy Eyes“ although it seems to get on her nerves they really can’t give up on her. She’s intelligent and has great ambition. She takes her job with Caputo quite serious, I think it gives her the feeling of doing something meaningful. I can’t wait to see how things change after the season 4 finale!

„Black Cindy“ as she calls herself sometimes (I didn’t realize there’s another Cindy around?) is the complete opposite of Taystee and still they get along pretty well. Cindy is carefree and rather selfish. She is outspoken and sometimes has problems with authority but she’s hilarious with what she does. She’s the sassy girl around who’s also helpful but usually if it suits her. She often rolls her eyes when Susan gets a little crazy and calls for Taystee to deal with it. It’s always fun to see them on screen, you never know what to expect. I just remembered their conversation about tampons and vajayjay holes… that was just as hilarious as it was sad. 

Orange Is The New Black will return with its fifth season in June 2017. 

Dr. Bedelia DuMaurier (Gillian Anderson) - Hannibal

That show certainly wouldn’t be the same with the creepily calm and well-composed counterpart of Hannibal, namely Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier. A retired psychiatrist whose only patient is now Hannibal because he chose to ignore her retirement after being attacked. She’s somewhat mysterious and I’ve been intrigued by her ever since, and that’s not just because I adore Gillian Anderson. It’s as weird as it is fascinating when you sort of want to see them together and at the same time it feels wrong in so many ways. Bedelia sticks around, if by choice or force who knows, knowing that she would end up dead at some point. In the end she witnesses murders, refusing to participate but doesn’t help the victims either. It was kinda strange. It felt like this wasn’t your typical character and maybe that’s what makes her so interesting. I really hope she’ll return should there ever be a fourth season albeit having been served her own leg in the season three finale. 

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Victoria Flynn (Katy Mixon) - Mike & Molly

I honestly can’t say that I’ve seen every single episode of this show but there’s certainly one thing or better said one person I always remember: Victoria Flynn. She’s Molly’s younger sister and, together with her mum Joyce, the entire opposite of the reasonable Molly. Victoria is the somewhat dimwitted party girl who spends most of her time smoking pot and drinking alcohol - often in company of her mother. She’s a funeral beautician who does take her job real serious and treats her clients respectfully. She likes sex and sleeping with married men almost as much as she likes pot. She’s so different from her sister but I love seeing how they stick up for each other and Victoria never fails to make us laugh!

Gloria Windsor (Bernadette Peters) - Mozart In The Jungle

It's so much fun seeing Gloria bustle around the symphony and various fundraiser events, twisting potential donors around her little finger with her charming attitude. As president of the New York Symphony Gloria is always busy, certainly enjoying the attention she gets most of the time. I like the kind of relationship she has with a lot of the musicians. It seems like they've been working together for so long and sometimes they get along quite well and on other days things are kinda rough, especially in season 3 when negotiations take a turn for the worse. Gloria is sometimes a bit over-dramatic but hilariously so, spending quite some time - and money provided by various ex-husbands - redecorating her office. 

Catch up on Mozart in the Jungle on Amazon Prime. The show is once again nominated for two Golden Globes. 

Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas) - Castle

This was certainly one of my favorite bromances on tv. Ryan and his partner and best friend Esposito. They're loyal to each other and their colleagues and there was nothing more entertaining than both of them messing with Castle when he was still a newbie or screwed up something. They were always up to something, betting on stuff against Beckett and Castle, picking on each other but at the end of the day they had each other's backs. Until the very end they remained one of the most entertaining aspects of the show that I once enjoyed with all my heart... until it somehow took a turn for the worse toward the end. 

Which ones are your favorite?