All hail the King! Well, maybe. King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and his tiger Shiva were introduced this past Sunday on The Walking Dead, and it kind of felt like we were watching a completely different show, didn't it? There's no denying the hour was significantly lighter than most episodes of the series (particularly, the season premiere). Ezekiel is the Shakespearean-sounding guardian of the realm he has named the Kingdom. And so far, the set-up looks pretty sweet. Sure, he has to give plenty of resources to Negan's crew, but inside there's a school and even a nifty little choir/glee club. But of course, we've seen cozy communities like this before and the #1 lesson we've learned? They don't last too long. Time will tell how the Kingdom fares, but first things first. What did you think of King Ezekiel? Is he a welcome addition to the cast in your eyes?