In last night's episode, titled The Bad Seed, we see Amara growing up quickly, devouring even more souls. The plot moves forward in a good speed so we can know more about the Darkness. More specifically, we learn that Amara's intentions begun as noble ones; in her opinion God isn't capable of managing the world and she wants to do it better. She thinks that in order to do so, she must gain power but that opinion of hers puts her at odds with Crowley who falsely thought that by giving Amara souls would automatically make her an ally.  


Mark Sheppard at the episode was as always amazing. Crowley has gained the respect of his demons and he is running Hell without any problems -yet- but as we find out from a chat between an angel and a demon, -that scene for me was one of this episode's highlights-, things don't seem to be alright neither in Heaven nor in Hell. "Something's changed. Something's here. It's big; big as God, big as Lucifer"  those two say.  


The Winchesters are also having their own problems to solve. For starters, they need to cure Castiel. And how they will manage to do so? By tracking Rowena, the one who cursed Castiel in the first place.  

And while the Winchesters are looking for her, Rowena tries to make her own coven, the Mega Coven, but fails miserably. Honestly though, with a name like that she didn't stood  a chance.


The Winchesters then manage to find her, capture her and force her to help Castiel.  Luckily Castiel is cured because this whole "cursed Cas" situation was a little unnecessary and truthfully not very well executed. Although at first it looked like the writers had a great opportunity to make it an interesting story, as the plot progressed though, I got the impression they added it just to have Castiel do something. Even though we didn't get to explore more of this curse, that it seems to be so powerful that even an angel got affected by it, at least now Castiel will be more helpful to Sam and Dean and he can speak more than just two words before he cries in pain. Bonus, as Castiel finally woke up all cured, Dean run to his aid.


Overall the episode was a great one. I like how they steadily build the mythology around the Darkness. Also, Jensen Ackles' directing skills are really good and if this season keeps up like this I think that the road ahead will be a good one.