Medici: Masters of Florence took Italy by storm and is set to hit Netflix in the US on December 9th! We were lucky enough to get to talk with Award Winning Writer and Producer Frank Spotnitz about this highly anticipated upcoming series and what fans can look forward to. 

VoTV - Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with Voice of TV.

Frank Spotnitz (F.S.) - My pleasure. 

VoTV - The trailers for Medici: Masters of Florence look amazing and I can’t wait to start watching the series on the 9th! Can you tell me what interested you in the project to start with?

F.S. -   It's interesting because I had never done anything really historical before. *Laughs* I don't think The Man In The High Castle really counts... 

VoTV - *Laughs* I would have to agree - that is a whole different sort of history.

F.S. - Exactly. So this was very exciting for me. There was so much I didn't know, like for example this family, The Medici's, they weren't just bankers. What they did, they basically created the whole middle class system as we know it today. 

VoTV - How much liberty with actual history is taken? When you think of shows like The Borgias, and The Tudors, which I was absolutely addicted to by the way – How much of what we are seeing can we take as fact?

F.S. - There is definitely a lot of fact in there, but the interesting thing with history is there are whole parts missing from the accounts.  So we can ask questions, and follow these ideas and invent things that in theory could have happened. Of course this is TV so we have to add in a little drama but take for example the character of Contessina (played by Annabel Scholey); there is very little about her written. I like to think that we are saving her from history.

VoTV - That's incredible, I can't wait to see it.  Is there one scene, or episode, that you would say is your favorite? That you can't wait for fans to see? ... Without giving any major spoilers of course!

F.S. - Oh that's difficult...but I think for me there is a series of scenes in the final episode that I have watched over and over again, and they are really quite emotional.  And for me they summed up everything we were going for, so yes, it would have to be them.

VoTV - I love that! There are many things that I watch over and over and I already feel that this series is going to be one of them.  Now Netflix has 8 episodes that are going to be airing. Can we hope for more than 8 in the future?

F.S. - Definitely! We have already signed up for Season 2, the show went over so well in Italy.  

VoTV - Excellent! I don't suppose we have any idea of a timeline. Another year?

F.S. - *Laughs* Well, we haven't even started filming yet so yes, there will be a bit of a wait. 

VoTV - That's OK.  Sometimes the anticipation can be half the fun.

F.S. - Oh, I like that! And I certainly hope so.

Watch the the trailer for Medici: Masters of Florence, and be sure to check Netflix on Friday when all 8 episodes will be available to stream.  Let us know in the comments if YOU will be watching!