In the first season of Quantico we watched Alex live her life on the run while she tried to clear her name. It was probably the most difficult thing she had ever gone through, but she did not give up. At the end of the first season Alex managed to put all the pieces together and achieved her goal. What did kind of suck was the fact that she was let go from the FBI in the long run, despite being innocent. They believe she is "too recognizable" to be on the team, and they are probably right. The good news, when one door shuts, another one opens, and this time Alex found an offer she may not be able to refuse. After being let go from the FBI, a mysterious man approached Alex and offer her to join the CIA. Before she gave the man an answer,  the season came to a close.

This is just one burning question that the season left fans with, but probably the most itchy one. Thankfully the season 2 premiere is tomorrow night (September 25th) and everyone can finally see what Alex decides to do. Although there is a 6 month time jump, we do find ourselves standing where the first season ended, and this time we get an official answer from Alex. The answer shouldn't come as a surprise from what we have already heard about season two from the cast and the crew. They have already told us that Alex will indeed join the CIA, but they did not tell us what this means for Alex. It's actually quit boring for her, she is stuck behind a desk, something that she is not use to. I know, I bet she thought that she would be doing some James Bond stuff, maybe we also thought like that, but nope, it's just another day at the office type job.

However, this doesn't mean that it's boring for us to watch as an audience. A lot of crazy things go down in the season premiere, and just like the first season, we get two different timelines - one from the past where Alex makes her journey through the CIA, and the present timeline. Although there is a lot of similarities to the first season, it does seem like the stakes are much higher this time around. That would actually make sense because this is the CIA and not the FBI. The events are bigger, the threats are more dangerous and nothing is what it seems. We see this once the episode comes to a close, a very shocking event takes place that just might leave your mouth on the floor.

As for characters, we knew we would see new faces come along in this season, but most of our favorite characters are still around from season one. I love how Alex turns to Shelby, even when she is not suppose to even be speaking to her, but do we really expect Alex to follow the rules? Don't count on it. For the ones that we don't see in the season premiere, we do get an update on where they are at now in their lives. This is another thing that I enjoyed from the episode. It seems like another year has passed us and a lot has changed, so getting an update on some of the past characters that we have seen is really nice. Who knows, maybe they will come in the picture soon for this season, but if not, at least we know what they are doing. 

Lastly, we get a new opening title sequence. It's not that special compared to some series, and really it's not much different from the first season, but the logo image for Quantico has now changed. Still, it's different and a nice change since this is the beginning of a new chapter - and what a crazy chapter it is. For those who thought the first season was crazy and twisted, believe me, you haven't seen anything yet.

It all happens tomorrow night, September 25th on ABC.